Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday--I got my cardio fix.

No more Y Power X!! Today's last class was a good one.
Over and out.
I was able to get in a short but effective cardio session. I hopped on the upright bike and did a quick 3 minute warm up ( since I was already warm from teaching class) and did 17 minutes of intervals at a 20:40 ratio. I also did steady state on the elliptical for 15 minutes --My goal was to keep a higher heart rate ( in the 150's and beyond) the entire time and too keep the resolutions at 185 or higher. Done. It was hard. Loved it.
I might go back later tonight to lift weights and get my 2nd session out of the way. It depends on how I feel.
So far I have not reached my goal of yoga last week or this week. Booo! I am stretching more on my own, but I really need YOGA!

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