Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday Madness

Today was Race Day in Spin class. I think I should do one at the end of the month from now on...maybe. It went over really well too. It was a packed class with people waiting to get's that time of year! All the folks are coming in from the cold and into the classes now. Fine by me...these people motivate me to put on a good "show"
Totally Toned was in the afternoon. It went well too. I had a great idea of heading back tothe gym to do lower body. Well I got to the gym and sat down on the comfy couches and just sat. For about an hour. Not working out. HA!!
It was fine though. For one I was sore from Sunday. Not only my upper body, but I remembered I added the plyometrics to the end. Duh. Oh, and I just did a race day in Spin class in the morning. Not sure what I was thinking, but I had to stay. I had just dropped the kids off to play in the kid area and could not show up 15 minutes later to take them home. No way. It was nice to put my feet up, head phones in and cell phone in hand to text away and people watch. And oh the people that passed by........ that's a whole other blog entry!

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