Friday, February 27, 2009

Organic Food Bar Winner.....

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Monday~ Today started off with a nice 5 mile run on the treadmill. It was an easy run with a few inclines added on just for fun. I also weight trained afterwards. I taught 2 classes as well today.
Tuesday~ Spinning today, as well as 2 other classes. I was informed that my in-home group training class is calling it quits after this 10 week session at the end of April. I have been with them for almost 5 years!! It's sad, but I understand the need for change etc. and am going to use the "extra" time to try an get more things going for my business. There is always a bright side to most situations!
Wednesday~ Today was Pilates Plus. Today the instructor gave a lot of direction for the new people in class. I am so glad for that! I really concentrated on keeping my hips still and relied on my core to do all the work--burn baby burn!! Afterwards I went upstairs to do some cardio. I did 23 minutes of elliptical intervals; 30 seconds hard and 30 seconds easy. I then went on the treadmill and did (6) 60 second sprints with a 60 second break in between I ended with an incline walk for about 5 minutes. It was a tough one!
To work various core muscles in combination, try a bridge:
Lie on your back with your knees bent. Keep your back in a neutral position, not arched and not pressed into the floor. Avoid tilting your hips. Tighten your abdominal muscles.
Raise your hips off the floor until your hips are aligned with your knees and shoulders. Hold for three deep breaths.
Return to the start position and repeat.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Friday~ Today I taught Spinning again. I subbed for a fellow instructor. I still get nervous when going into a "new" class. I know how the participants can be--a lot are afraid of change and want what they are used to! This class only had one empty bike so I had some butterflies. There was only 2 familiar faces in the whole bunch. I think the first 5 minutes is always the most nerve wracking for me! About 10 minutes into class a male yells out, " Who sings this song?" It was Paolo Nutini's Jenny. After class the individual came up to me to tell me he loved the music I played and asked me to email him my play list! Score!

Saturday's Long Run~ I was happy when I woke up to see that the snow had not stated to fall yet. I guess I got excited a little too early. 20 minutes into the run it started. Along with temperature drops, wind and what felt like sleet! So needless to say, it was a very long and annoying difficult 10 miles. The good news is- I made it. I was so thankful when it was over.

Sunday~ Today I usually do my own thing or take a day off. I ended up subbing A Spin class again today for my running buddy Mary. If I did not she had to teach 3 classes in a row! Not an easy thing to do, especially after our tough run on Saturday. I had the same nervousness as I did on Friday's class. Once again there was only one empty bike. I recognized more faces today though, so that put me at ease. I think they liked the class as I got some nice applause after it was over. That always cracks me up!

I pretty much only lifted weights once this week ( outside of my instructing). I do this every so often just to give my buddy a much needed break. I will be ready to start weight training again tomorrow.

What is Spinning?
Spinning classes are done in a fitness studio, with various light and music settings to create an energized atmosphere.
Instructors guide participants through workout phases. Warm-up, steady uptempo cadences, sprints, climbs, cool-downs, etc.
You control resistance on your bike to make the pedaling as easy or difficult as you choose. Constant adjustment is normal.
All you'll need is workout clothes, a towel (to wipe your face) and a water bottle.
Spinning bikes have toe clips so you can wear tennis shoes. But many pedals also work with Shimano-style SPD cleats

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Winner for be present yoga pants

Congrats to Shel!
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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Friday~ Upper and lower body at the gym. And a plethora of cardio! I did lots of hard intervals on various machines-- Step-Mill, elliptical, upright bike and recumbent bike. My intervals were between 12-15 minutes per machine. I have not pushed myself like that in a while. I better start doing that more often!

Saturday~ Today was the long run of 12 miles. There was a local 5k race that I did not participate in. The running club decided to meet on Sunday since there were several members doing the race. Mary and I met at 8am to do the 12 miles. It snowed about 2 inches or so over night. The path we ran on was not paved. The fresh snow was not the easiest to run in. This run seemed to take forever for some reason. It was not my worst run of the trianing thus far, but it was not close to being my best either. I was really sore for a few days after it too. I think it was the snow!

Sunday~ OFF!

Monday~ I ran 5 miles on the treadmill today. I felt pretty good. I was going to do a full body workout afterwards, but was not really feeling it. I only ended up doing a few sets of various exercises and then stretched and called it a day. I hate Mondays. I taught 2 classes today as well. 1 full body toning class and 1 cardio/weight interval class.

Tuesday~ Today I instructed a Spin class. It was a major strength session..lots of hills! I made a new CD and that really motivated me today. I hope the class thought the same!
Later today I am to teach 2 more cardio based classes.


Motivation is a fire from within. If someone else tries to light that fire under you, chances are it will burn very briefly.
Stephen R. Covey

Monday, February 16, 2009

Organic Food Bar Review and Giveaway

Organic Food Bar Review and Giveaway
I have been given a great opportunity recently in getting to review several varieties of Organic Food Bar and Raw Organic Food Bar. This was a very fun review. I love food and I love healthy and delicious food. This bar really has it all- natural ingredients, no junk and tastes great. I knew I would like most of the flavors (Wild blueberry, cranberry, chocolate coconut), but I will admit great skepticism on the flavors with the names-Omega 3- Flax, Active Greens and Protein. I will have to say that those flavors were just as good! My husband agrees with that statement as well. He tried all the flavors too and while any of the chocolate flavors was his favorite, he would for sure eat the Active Greens again as it did not have a “green” or “medicine” aftertaste to it at all. All flavors were very moist and hearty. These bars are high in calories (some up to 320 calories), but just as anything you eat, you can fit these into your day. I would use a bar as a meal or eat ½ before a workout and the other ½ after the workout.
I highly recommend these bars to everyone. All varieties contain good wholesome ingredients including organic almond butter, raisins, agave nectar and organic dark chocolate chips. What’s not to like about that?!?

Some facts about these Organic Food Bar:
No trans fat
No preservatives
Pure and unprocessed
100% certified organic
14g Organic Protein
Some facts about these Raw Organic Food Bars:
Great taste
Alkaline forming
Fresh and delicious
No dairy
No soy

In 2001, Dr. Jack J. Singh founded Organic Food Bar. Historically, Organic Food Bar started in a brave way years ago before anybody else. They printed the benefits of raw foods on the front of their 70-90% raw bar. It also was way higher in price then the power bars of its day. They are pioneers and helped pave the way for all the other raw entrepreneurs we see today. They are the ORIGINAL and still the BEST in quality and value!
ORGANIC FOOD BAR is a tightly-knit family. Each person who works here at our headquarters in Southern California is member of that family. Most of our staff have been here for many years. That's because we all believe deeply in the vision of ORGANIC FOOD BAR.
We pride ourselves in producing the best food bars in the world, and we work tirelessly to achieve that every day. Although, most of the time, it doesn’t feel like work. We love what we do, and we believe in the mission here. Interesting, isn’t it that when you truly love your work, it’s rarely a struggle to do it?
We travel the world to source the finest ingredients to handcraft ORGANIC FOOD BAR products. All of our ingredients are certified organic (USDA & EEC 2091/2092) and kosher, and they are purchased fresh every month. We make our ORGANIC FOOD BARS “with lots of love” right here in our certified organic facility.
The bottom line at ORGANIC FOOD BAR is that we focus on three simple things: our people, our product and our customers.
By working with the best people, who genuinely enjoy their time here, we can produce the best product for you.
From our family to yours, ORGANIC FOOD BAR. It's what's inside that counts.
The kind people at Organic Food Bar were kind enough to donate the 6 flavors of their Organic Food Bar:
Omega- 3 Flax, Original, Vegan, Wild Blueberry, Cranberry and Active Greens!
And they donated 5 Raw Organic Food Bars:
Protein, Chocolate coconut, Fiber chocolate delite, cinnamon raison and active greens chocolate! One person will win all 11 bars!
If you would like to be eligible for the bars please follow the rules below:
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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday -speed session

Today's speed session was a good one!
Our plan: 2 mile warm up. 8 x 200 meters with a 200 meter jog recovery. The pace was a quick pace for sure. I was not worried about time as much as just trying to be consistent on each effort. We were told to run the faster 200 meters at repetition pace. This is faster than interval pace, but does not improve VO2max as effectively. It's used to get your body moving smoothly at a fast pace. So, it was not quite race pace, but also not a leisurely stroll.
Although it was in the low 30's tonight, we were able to use the local high school track for our workout. We had temperatures in the 40's and 50's earlier in the week which caused a lot of snow to melt. It was nice to be able to have track access in February. We will most likely not have the chance again for a while. We finished the workout with a 2 mile cool down. We ran 6 miles total tonight.

Speed sessions.....
Ease into it When you started running, you ran for just a couple of miles every other day, and have gradually built up to your current mileage. You didn't suddenly start running 35 miles a week, so adopt the same approach to speedwork. Put at least three months of steady running behind you, then start with just one session every 10 days or so.
Not too hard Speed sessions aren't about sprinting flat out until you're sick. They're about controlling hard efforts and spreading your energy evenly over a set distance or time, just like you would in a perfect race.
Warm up and warm down Before each session, jog for at least 8-10 minutes to raise your blood temperature, increase bloodflow to the muscles and psyche yourself up for fast running. Follow that with some gentle stretching and then run a few fast strides before getting down to the tough stuff. Afterwards, jog for another 5-10 minutes, before stretching once again.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Sunday~ OFF
Monday~ Today I did not have time to run at the gym. I had to double up on my weight workouts because I took Sunday off. It was my heavy weight day. 5 sets of 5 for most of the exercises. It was rough, but somehow I am not as sore as I thought I would be. Good! I also taught 2 classes today.

Tuesday~ Today was my Spinning day. It was a really good class today. I enjoy it when the participants clap afterwards! Good for an ego boost..... :) I had my heart rate monitor on and I think someone else did that was close to me. At one point it read 219 beats per minute. This was during a sprint, but there is no way it was that high. I could still talk( and was not seeing stars!) and I am sure I would have fallen off of the bike if my HR was actually that high. I also taught 2 other cardio classes. I used the stability ball during the cardio segments. It was fun making up steps along the way!

Monitor Your Exercise Intensity
To get the most out of your workout, you should frequently monitor your exercise intensity. This will insure that you are working within you heart rate training zone and, therefore, are getting the most out of each workout. If you work too hard, you're likely to injure yourself and, possibly, burn out. If you're not working hard enough, you may get frustrated when you don't see results over time.
Take Your Pulse

Place your index and middle fingers directly under your ear, then slide your fingers down until they are directly under your jawbone, pressing lightly. Start with zero on the first beat and count for 10 seconds then multiply by six. Always check your pulse frequently throughout your workout to make sure you within your target heart rate zone.
Get a Heart Rate Monitor

Get a heart rate monitor! It will monitor your heart rate throughout your workout via a transmitter worn around your chest and a watch on your wrist.
Take the Talk Test

You should be able to carry on a conversation during your workout. If you are breathless, or can't talk, you're working too hard! Slow down. Also, keep in mind that dizziness and lightheadedness is not a good sign. If you experience this, you are overexerting yourself and should stop!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday Long Run

I woke up today and it was 47 degrees at 6am! The windchill was 40 degrees, but that's warm around these parts lately! Of course I was not prepared to run in warm weather, I am so used to wearing 2-3 layers while running. I decided on a long sleeve technical shirt and my windbreaker, technical pants without tights today and an ear band. I brought my warm new ski gloves to test out, but I left them behind because I thought I would be fine. I learned my lesson. My hands were frozen as usual, but the rest of me was comfortable and at times too warm.
We put in 12 miles on a new route which is always nice. I ran with my friend Deb again today. She keeps a great pace--I think we averaged a little over a 10 minute mile give or take. At the end of the run my GPS read out displayed 11.93 miles. We both contemplated running in the parking lot to get all the way to 12 miles exactly. Runner's are sick people I tell ya! Well, the main reason we did not run in the parking lot was because my GPS picked up the signal a few seconds late, so I am sure we ran a little over 12 miles--WHEW! Every .10 of a mile ( or less) counts!
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Select the Right Watch for You
If you are a beginning runner, or someone just beginning physical training, you will want to investigate units such as the Garmin Forerunner 101. This unit is one of the more basic ones available, not only having an affordable price tag, but enough features where a beginning runner can adapt to the tool while receiving many of the benefits. The Timex Navman II is also a beginners watch, sporting similar functions to the Forerunner 101.
For intermediate to advance users, the Garmin Forerunner 201 has many features that the 101 lacks. Most notably, the 201 allows routes to be determined into the device, allowing long distance runners to expand their running areas safely. By providing all of the heart rate sensors, virtual running partner as well as distance and speed calculators, the device has everything the professional runner, jogger or triathlete needs in order to get into the best shape possible. With the ability to review daily or weekly histories for a period of two years, the progress of the owner of the watch can be accurately followed. This is highly important, especially for those who need to keep a constant eye on health matters.
For those who need a GPS running watch to improve health due to disease, illness or surgery, the features of the advanced systems could never be more important. As recovering from any health issue can be difficult, having the ability to chart progress and set reachable goals is important for being successful in building physical fitness.

**Check out my giveaway on my Raising a Healthy

Friday, February 6, 2009

be present Yoga Pant Review and Giveaway!

I had the great opportunity to try these great yoga pants from be present. Courtney from be present was kind enough to send me their most popular Agility Pant with a backslit. At first glance I thought these pants resembled hospital scrubs, and I was fine with that since I equate that to comfort. I really like workout pants that include a drawstring (these do), because I have issues with having bigger legs and a smaller waist. I can adjust these pants so that this won’t be a problem.
This distinctive be present pant has become a yoga industry standard. The Agility Pant is made of lightweight Breathe Weave™ fabric which wicks sweat from the body and dries quickly. The pant sits on the hips and has back slits, an adjustable drawstring waist, darted knees and patch pockets.
These pants have just the right amount of stretch so they are not too tight or too loose and I love the back slit. When getting into a downward dog or even a child’s pose these pants let your lower leg and calf area “breathe” in a sense. No conformity with these pants! I love all technical fitness gear that include wicking material. I sweat during yoga and pilates, not just cardio. I love that the sweat won’t stay on my body even during these non-impact activities.

be original:be present, a clothing line carried in yoga studios, boutiques, spas and resorts throughout the United States and the World, incorporates the yoga philosophy into the design. be present began as clothing for yogis and yoga instructors, and evolved into a company rooted in the experience of yoga, but designed for those who value versatile, simple, comfortable clothing. Yoga is a centuries old eastern philosophy with contemporary devotees, and yoga clothing needed a modern look that embraced and respected the philosophy without being commercial. Our pants are designed to weather the street as much as they are designed to hit the mat. In the years since the first be present pant was introduced, our line has set the industry standard for versatile, agile and mobile yoga pants. be present has consistently been on the forefront of creativity and originality in the yoga world. As the line evolves into a company rooted in the yogic lifestyle but accessible to anyone who values high quality, fashionable and active clothing, we will continue to be a leader in innovative designs.
I really like the fact that I can leave a yoga class and not feel that I have to change my pants if I need to run errands on the way home. Or I can just decide to skip yoga class altogether and wear these pants just because they are so comfy. These pants will be getting a lot of use from me in and out of the yoga studio.
We are a grassroots and family owned company infused with the spirit of yoga. The story begins in early 2002, when Amy Lopatin Dobrin started be present. She was inspired to create a line of clothing that was stylish and vibrant, and coming from an athletic tradition that included years of practicing yoga, she saw the need for yoga apparel that wicked, dried quickly, and most importantly, looked good. After spending years in the mountains of Colorado, Amy saw how advanced ski apparel had become with wicking fabrics, quick drying layers and breathable jackets. Although skiing and yoga are entirely different practices, she brought the technically advanced aspect of ski apparel to yoga. Introduced in the first public line, Breathe WeaveTM, is a wicking, breathable, versatile fabric that is exclusive to be present.
We are a small family owned business that values close relationships with clients, environmentally friendly practices and doing the right thing. Every item of clothing is proudly made in the USA. We like to think of ourselves as a family of creative spirits who love yoga, love clothing and love to have a good time. We wear be present clothes to yoga, to travel, to hike and to have fun. The be present line is constantly growing, and Amy continues to develop products that we are excited to share.
Courtney was kind enough to giveaway The Agility Pant to one lucky winner!
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This giveaway will run through 11:59pm of February 18th and the winner will be announced by the afternoon of February 19th. The winner will be chosen by using from all valid entries and will be contacted via email. The winner will have 48 hours to contact me before they forfeit their prize. Giveaway is open to US residents only.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thursday -speed session

Tonight was a killer! It is the kind of workout that I love to hate.
We did our 1/2 mile warm up and then the "fun" began. Tonight we did a tempo run. A tempo run, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary is, “a rate of performance at a steady pace.”
The coach said to make the run slightly uncomfortable. We had no other guidelines than that today.
We were to run 1 mile at tempo pace with a 1 minute recovery 3-4 times. I am pretty sure I ran these too fast. I did each one faster than the last. Not smart. My only excuse is that I was trying to keep pace with some other runners 100-150 yards in front of me; little did I know they were going too fast as well. I think it is also good for the natural competitor in me to push myself when necessary, and tonight it just was not necessary! I will know this the next time we do this workout. It was a fun time, especially when it was over.

A tempo run teaches your body to adapt to an increased intensity. By tempo running, you can accumulate a fairly high volume of relatively intense work that improves both the aerobic and lactate-threshold systems.
The first step in making this type of training effective is to establish a good running base. Next is to determine your optimal tempo-run pace. This can be done by taking your best recent 5K time and aim to hold a pace about 15 to 20 seconds slower per mile for around 20-25 minutes; if you're a longer distance racer, use your 10K time and hold a pace about 15 to 20 seconds slower per mile for 40 to 45 minutes.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Saturday Long Run

We repeated 10 miles on Saturday ( 10.1 to be exact). It was probably my hardest long run of this training so far. I know that there will always be some bad runs thrown in there, but they are never enjoyable. It could have been what I ate the day before or lack of sleep or that fact that I need new shoes. It could have been a dozen other reasons too. I was glad when that run was over and I was able to enjoy my coffee and talk with my buddy! I can only hope that my next bad run will not be on race day--that would totally suck.
All I can do is think positive and try my best again during this weeks long run.

Running in old or worn-out shoes is one of the most common causes of running injuries. Your running shoes lose shock absorption, cushioning and stability over time. Continuing to run in worn-out shoes increases the stress and impact on your legs and joints, which can lead to overuse injuries. The easiest thing you can do to prevent those types of injuries is replace your shoes when they're worn-out.
So how do you know when shoes need to be retired? Don't use the treads of your shoes to determine whether you should replace your shoes. The midsole, which provides the cushioning and stability, usually breaks down before the bottom shows major signs of wear. If you've been feeling muscle fatigue, shin splints
or some pain in your joints -- especially your knees -- you may be wearing shoes that no longer have adequate cushioning.
A good rule of thumb is to replace your running shoes every 300 to 400 miles, depending on your running style, body weight, and the surface on which you run. Smaller runners can get new running shoes at the upper end of the recommendation, while heavier runners should consider replacement shoes closer to the 300 mile mark. If you run on rough roads, you'll need to replace your shoes sooner than if you primarily run on a treadmill.
Mark your calendar when you buy a new pair of running shoes so you remember when to replace them. If you use a training log,
be sure to record when you bought new shoes -- it will help you track how many miles you've run in them. Writing the purchase date on the inside of each shoe's tongue is another good way to help remember when you first started running in them.
About halfway through the life of your shoes, you might want to buy another pair to rotate into your runs. Your shoes will last longer when you allow them to decompress and dry out between workouts. Also, having a fresh pair of shoes as a reference will help you notice when your old ones are ready to be replaced.