Sunday, February 22, 2009


Friday~ Today I taught Spinning again. I subbed for a fellow instructor. I still get nervous when going into a "new" class. I know how the participants can be--a lot are afraid of change and want what they are used to! This class only had one empty bike so I had some butterflies. There was only 2 familiar faces in the whole bunch. I think the first 5 minutes is always the most nerve wracking for me! About 10 minutes into class a male yells out, " Who sings this song?" It was Paolo Nutini's Jenny. After class the individual came up to me to tell me he loved the music I played and asked me to email him my play list! Score!

Saturday's Long Run~ I was happy when I woke up to see that the snow had not stated to fall yet. I guess I got excited a little too early. 20 minutes into the run it started. Along with temperature drops, wind and what felt like sleet! So needless to say, it was a very long and annoying difficult 10 miles. The good news is- I made it. I was so thankful when it was over.

Sunday~ Today I usually do my own thing or take a day off. I ended up subbing A Spin class again today for my running buddy Mary. If I did not she had to teach 3 classes in a row! Not an easy thing to do, especially after our tough run on Saturday. I had the same nervousness as I did on Friday's class. Once again there was only one empty bike. I recognized more faces today though, so that put me at ease. I think they liked the class as I got some nice applause after it was over. That always cracks me up!

I pretty much only lifted weights once this week ( outside of my instructing). I do this every so often just to give my buddy a much needed break. I will be ready to start weight training again tomorrow.

What is Spinning?
Spinning classes are done in a fitness studio, with various light and music settings to create an energized atmosphere.
Instructors guide participants through workout phases. Warm-up, steady uptempo cadences, sprints, climbs, cool-downs, etc.
You control resistance on your bike to make the pedaling as easy or difficult as you choose. Constant adjustment is normal.
All you'll need is workout clothes, a towel (to wipe your face) and a water bottle.
Spinning bikes have toe clips so you can wear tennis shoes. But many pedals also work with Shimano-style SPD cleats


vanessa40 said...

Could you send me the playlist too
You classes always sound like so much fun
I so wish i could attend one..
Sorry about your run on Saturday..i was thinking about you...

FitCrazedMomma said...

Hiya V!
Here's the Spin Playlist I used in my Friday class:
Damaged- Danity Kane

Single Ladies- Beyonce

Cold Play- Viva La Vida

Black Eyed Peas ( or just Fergie) Get ready

Paolo Nutini- Jenny

Fall Out Boy- She's My Winona

Rhianna-Lemme Get That

Fall Out Boy- w.a.m.s.

Paolo Nutini- New Shoes

Rhianna- Please Don't Stop the Music

The Fray- You Found Me

The Fray- Syndicate

Duffy- Rockferry

vanessa40 said...

Thanks Marcia
No wonder your class loves you..
You have great taste in music..