Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday Long Run

I woke up today and it was 47 degrees at 6am! The windchill was 40 degrees, but that's warm around these parts lately! Of course I was not prepared to run in warm weather, I am so used to wearing 2-3 layers while running. I decided on a long sleeve technical shirt and my windbreaker, technical pants without tights today and an ear band. I brought my warm new ski gloves to test out, but I left them behind because I thought I would be fine. I learned my lesson. My hands were frozen as usual, but the rest of me was comfortable and at times too warm.
We put in 12 miles on a new route which is always nice. I ran with my friend Deb again today. She keeps a great pace--I think we averaged a little over a 10 minute mile give or take. At the end of the run my GPS read out displayed 11.93 miles. We both contemplated running in the parking lot to get all the way to 12 miles exactly. Runner's are sick people I tell ya! Well, the main reason we did not run in the parking lot was because my GPS picked up the signal a few seconds late, so I am sure we ran a little over 12 miles--WHEW! Every .10 of a mile ( or less) counts!
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