Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Sunday~ OFF
Monday~ Today I did not have time to run at the gym. I had to double up on my weight workouts because I took Sunday off. It was my heavy weight day. 5 sets of 5 for most of the exercises. It was rough, but somehow I am not as sore as I thought I would be. Good! I also taught 2 classes today.

Tuesday~ Today was my Spinning day. It was a really good class today. I enjoy it when the participants clap afterwards! Good for an ego boost..... :) I had my heart rate monitor on and I think someone else did that was close to me. At one point it read 219 beats per minute. This was during a sprint, but there is no way it was that high. I could still talk( and was not seeing stars!) and I am sure I would have fallen off of the bike if my HR was actually that high. I also taught 2 other cardio classes. I used the stability ball during the cardio segments. It was fun making up steps along the way!

Monitor Your Exercise Intensity
To get the most out of your workout, you should frequently monitor your exercise intensity. This will insure that you are working within you heart rate training zone and, therefore, are getting the most out of each workout. If you work too hard, you're likely to injure yourself and, possibly, burn out. If you're not working hard enough, you may get frustrated when you don't see results over time.
Take Your Pulse

Place your index and middle fingers directly under your ear, then slide your fingers down until they are directly under your jawbone, pressing lightly. Start with zero on the first beat and count for 10 seconds then multiply by six. Always check your pulse frequently throughout your workout to make sure you within your target heart rate zone.
Get a Heart Rate Monitor

Get a heart rate monitor! It will monitor your heart rate throughout your workout via a transmitter worn around your chest and a watch on your wrist.
Take the Talk Test

You should be able to carry on a conversation during your workout. If you are breathless, or can't talk, you're working too hard! Slow down. Also, keep in mind that dizziness and lightheadedness is not a good sign. If you experience this, you are overexerting yourself and should stop!

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