Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Race Day Spin......

Monday- Today was Race Day in Spin class. I always tell the participants to take it easy on Sunday and to give it their all on Monday race day. I never follow that advice myself. Until this time! What a difference! I usually workout on Sunday and possibly run a few miles before Spin on Monday. Well, this time I took Sunday off and slept in ( well 7:30 AM) on Monday morning. I did not plan either of those event, but it happens.
This may have been one of my best performances at a race day yet. Close to it. I was able to push myself to the brink and back! My heart rate was high and steady at times and I was able to take it even higher from there. That usually does not happen too often for me. My Garmin says that my avg. heart rate was 153-- that's included in the warm up and cool down AND the 7 minutes after class that I forgot to shut my watch off. So I wonder what it really was....most likely higher than 153 bpm.
Also different this time was the actual ride. I had more flats then hill climbs and I made a point to tell my class that. I think that mentally for non bikers ( not me anymore!!) it's hard to really push yourself on the flat road when you are used to recovering here. Not the case today. My class was rockin' it today!
Today started a new 8 week session for Totally Toned. I have a a bunch of new faces in class. I did the whole workout today too! haha..so there is 1 full body weight workout for me.
Let's see class consisted of the following exercises-- we did a lot of reps with light weights, pulses and so on.

Plie squats (and regular squats)
lat raises (and front raises)
lunges (and more lunges!)
Leg lift series ( lots)
Abs ( about 200 ish)

I hope I did not scare the new peeps away!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Grand Rapids Mud Run Race Recap

1.Running the course (I have pink on!)
2. After the race.
3- Losing my shoe!

Let me say that this was possible my toughest 5k ever. I would also like to say that is was by far the most FUN I have ever had in a race--any distance!
The turnout was HUGE!!! My bib number are 1416 and I saw a bib number in the 1900's...( I would check the web site but it has been down due to over capacity!)
Ok-- so the race was very organized. I was surprised. The Team racers started at 8:00 am, the competitive 5k was at 9:00 am and the "for fun" runners and walkers were at 10: am. The cool and smart thing ( besides the start times), was they let about 100 runners go at a time 1 minute apart. Very smart!
I was in the 9 am group and in wave 3. The first obstacle was a slide ( garbage bags with dish soap squirted all over it!) it was fast and kind of hard on the butt! Or was the huge dirt pile first?? I might have those flip flopped.
After that there were a few small mud patches that were not bad at all. This is where I forget what order the obstacles came in-- so these might be out of order, but that's ok.
Running though tires Army style baby! There were a lot of tires too!!
Big Mud Pit (aka Swamp Fever)-- deep, soft suction cup mud. I lost a shoe and sock. I found the shoe (whew) after a minute or 2 and was off and running with mud up to my knees. Next up were a few barriers to hop over-- not too taxing, but still- I had to hop over something during a 5k- NOT NORMAL!
Tall climbing structures to climb up x4! Ugh. (Jericho's Walls).

Tunnel to crawl through (cuts and bruises on my knees and elbows to prove it!) 3 slippery mud hills with a nice dirt bath at the bottom of each hill(lovely) My least favorite obstacle of the event was this dirty water trench that you had to crawl though while a net was over you. Claustrophobia at it's best! I ate lots of water here--kind of like swimming (which is why I just say NO to the triathlon!) I am sure I left out something ( Kristy?? ). But the most fun thing was that I just explained 1 lap! Yep, imagine repeating all of this again. That's exactly what I had to do!!!
It was so much fun though and I cannot wait to do it next year. My buddies and I are going to be on a team next year with costumes! haha! We saw lots of people decked out.

Wonder Woman in a full costume and make up and wig! A dude in a Snuggie. A team of men in short short short (yuck) jean cut offs and half shirts. We also saw 2 ladies with bike helmets with water proof cameras attached!
All in all, this was awesome and I am glad I was able to participate!

*Check out the Grand Rapids Mud Run FB page and take a look at all the pictures!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Spin class and a Mud Run ( It's Friday!!)

What a week this has been! It's not over yet!
Today I taught spin. I took it easy and pretty much warmed up for 15 minutes before I could give it some power. It ended up being a pretty decent workout for myself and the class too! I had a few new faces at 5:30 AM and they like it ( so they said).

Tomorrow is the Mud Run. I am kind of excited and kind of afraid. It's going to be hard that is for certain. A 5k is hard without the added mud and stuff. It's going to be hard! I am too competitive to take it easy on purpose. It's going to be interesting for sure. I picked up my race packet tonight and the line was wrapped around the building! There is a map and a legend included in the packet/ Some of the obstacle names are funny/scary/interesting to say the least. Just to name a few: Drum Line, Tube Top, Pre Lube, Swamp Fever ( my 6 yr. olds favorite) and Trursch's toilet.
Ummm. Yep.
I am hoping somebody will get pics, but no promises. I do promise my best to have fun though! It will be a riot!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

10 mile and a spin class. I have had better ideas before.

Still sore. Even more so now.
I was up all ready to run today!! I set out at 5:45 AM with big goals. I met the biggest one. I got in 10 miles! Not at the paces that I wanted, but hey. Whatev.
My warm up was about 9:30 ish pace. Which I am OK with even though when I run the warm up with my friends at running group it's about an 8:30 pace. I have issues with pushing myself apparently. That's dumb.
So anyways. I was going to maybe do a 6 mile tempo. Although I am not certain what my actual tempo for a 1/2 marathon really is. I thought maybe I would do an 8:00 -8:15 pace. Not so much. I think I made it to 8:45 ish for the first 3 miles and then I stopped to drink. I ran close to home so I could stop by and drink up. My next 3 miles started out pretty good. 8:30 ish for a bit and then it went downhill. I was pooped. I finished my "tempo", and then started the cool down- yeah I made more of a walk/run! It was mostly a run, but whateva. I got my 10 in!

So then since I am super smart I decided to go to my friends spin class. Not because I thought I needed to go. My main reason was because I told her I would go and I want to support her-she's a newer instructor. Ugh. I basically used it as a recovery ride...I had to work way too hard to keep my heart rate up and I was not up for that..so I kept it low. What a waste! I could have been in yoga or home not sleeping on the couch! Oh well. Lesson learned??
That was my Thursday!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Just as suspected I was pretty sore this morning. Must be from the over 200 squats I did yesterday. Yup.

Spin today. It was an interval class....first interval set was 9 minutes....set #2 was 6 minutes...set # was 3 minutes....set # 4 was 2:15 and the last set was about 6:30 seconds..I forget. There was a minute of recovery between sets though. It was a tough one today folks!

After that I had big plans of extra cardio ( not sure why) and some weights. I did the extra cardio for about 10 minutes. It was on the elliptical and I was talking the whole time to my friend-- very little resistance. I also talked to her as she lifted weights. I lifted nothing.
Nighty night.
**I have plans for 10 miles in the morning all by myself. Wish me luck.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday- Excessive much???

I started my early morning with a nice speed workout on the track. I did a 2 mile warm up. It was literally dark thirty in the morning. I have a cool little red flashing light that I am diggin' these days.
After the warm up I headed to the track for my 200 meter sprints with a 200 meter jog between all 12 of em' Yikes. It was kind of hard to do by myself but I survived!
The time I was shooting for was 50 seconds, but after the first one I did in 40 seconds, I changed my time to 40-45 seconds! I am happy to say that 50 seconds was just too easy! Yay and finally! After that I did a 2 mile cool down. I am loving this weather--I have a suspicion that that is the reason that I felt so good. My breathing was not a problem at all today.

After that I taught Cardio Scuplt ( not until 4:15 PM). I recently won a DVD on Huff and Buff blog. I borrowed some of this DVD's exercises. It was crazy! Squats galore today. If I had to guess we did no less than 250 squats in class today. That's a lot.
Sooo, after that I had the bright idea of going to the gym and taking a Spin class, but spin does not start until 6:00 pm so I had to do something in the meantime. I got on the elliptical for 20 minutes and then to spin. It was a fun interval class that I gave all I had. Not much. I did leave a nice pool of sweat under my bike though ( don' worry, I cleaned it up). Gross.

It was about 1.5 hours after spin that my day started to catch up with me. I am not looking forward to how my butt and legs are going to feel tomorrow! ( well, kind of--it's a good hurt).
Today was rather excessive in terms of exercising and I do not do this that often--just when the feeling hits or time allows!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Long run, spin and weights in this here 3 day recap.

Saturday- I ran! Bout time. I was up bright and early for my usually pre-long run meal. Oatmeal with fruit and PB and a protein shake.
The weather out was horrible. It was pouring rain, but no lightening (whew). I was ready to run 12 miles, but ran a bit more. 12.56 to b exact. My splits per mile were nothing to be proud of. Really. My "fastest" mile was 9:16 ( the first mile mind you!) and my slowest was 10:14. I averaged 9:45 per mile.
I am not feeling like a runner these days. I thought I might try to push myself a bit more during this run, but it just was not happening. I could blame on the rain ( Milli Vanilli anyone??), or that my allergies were through the roof, or, or, or, or! I keep saying that 2010 is just not my year. I can live with that as long as I come back stronger in 2011! I am still ecstatic over the fact that I Get to run though. Really, I am!
So that was it for Saturday. My running goal--almost made it! Less than half mile. Close enough?!?!

Sunday- Cardio and weird weights. I warmed up on the Cross Trainer machine for about 15 minutes and then I did some weights. I was not really in the mood for weights, but I was there and I needed to do them so....

I did some kind of upper body pyramid.
shoulder press:
10 reps/8 reps/8reps
This was a killer! I did this 3 times through! It hurt so good.
I did the same with Biceps and Rows.

I threw in some lower body ( not pyramid style) between upper body exercises:
3 sets of 10 reps...varying weights per set.
Step ups
1 leg lunges off bench.
I can't quite call it full body, because, well; it wasn't! It is what it is though.
After that I got on the elliptical for about 25 minutes. It was a pretty good workout for not really wanting to be there in the first place! Sometimes ( rare) those are some of my best sessions!

Monday- Spin strength intervals! I was about 10 minutes into my class when I looked up and I saw my boss in the back row! Eeek! She is a really cool person, but my heart rate went up a bit after seeing here there. Can't help that! It was a good class ( she tole me!) and it was fun to see her there.
I missed my morning run. Booo! I might attempt it later, maybe not.
I am signed up for a 5k Mud Run this Saturday!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday- spin class #5 in the books.

Early spin day- 5:30 am. It came real fast today. So tired now......
It was a good session.

After that I got on the elliptical for about 25 minutes before lifting weights. I did a short upper body session today.
Pull ups ( 3 sets of 4 real ones!)
Up right rows
biceps curl
push up variations

That's all she wrote. What a busy week. No yoga thus far. I still have until tomorrow by midnight to fit it in I guess! Yeah right!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


No early morning workout for me today. I did go to the gym though.
I was able to get in about 20 minutes on the elliptical ( warm up and cool down ) and then I did lower body weights.
Step ups
DB squats

Leg Ext
Dead lifts

Short and sweet for the time I had to spend.
After weights I took a spin class. It was a great interval class. It had pretty much everything including 6 sprints. It was a good one. My legs were already toast, so why not?

That's about it for today.

On the way to meeting my goals.....(progress so far)


Running Miles: 5
Yoga: 0 minutes total
Weight Training: 1 session

Miles : 20
Yoga: 60 minutes total
Weight Training: 3 sessions
*I am not worried about bike mileage since I am not doing anymore bike races.

Tuesday and Wednesday Recap--runnin' and spinnin'

Tuesday- I got up and ran my running club workout early! It was a beautiful morning too. No humidity and low temps. What more could I ask for?!?!?! I got in 5 miles. It was a speed workout on the track that went something like this:
12oo meter run with a .25 recovery.
I did this 5 times.
It was supposed to be a 1:1 ratio. It mostly was I think. I did not do the 1200 meters as fast as I hoped, but I am just happy I did all 5! As always, I did a warm up and cool down jog.

Wednesday~Spin instruction. Interval style. I need to get my true heart rate zones. Something just is not right! That will be a goal of mine this week.
I also subbed a kickboxing class and it had 15 minutes of core at the end. I am not a fan of doing core work--so mine are on fire today!

Monday, August 16, 2010

On the way to meeting my goals.....(progress so far)

** Sunday-Monday**

Running Miles: 0
Yoga: 0 minutes total
Weight Training: 1 session
Road bike mileage: 0
Miles : 20
Yoga: 60 minutes total
Weight Training: 3 sessions
Road bike mileage: 20

Monday--Spin (x2). Not doin' the du (insert sad face here)

Monday~ The weather is perfect and gorgeous. I had big plans of jumping into meeting my goals with a nice run this morning! Nope! I slept in until after 8 am. I needed it after a long weekend of wine tasting and low on sleep etc. It's probably for the best that I did not run though.
My first spin class was at 10 am. It went well. I taught a strength interval class--meaning that the heart rate did not go below 75% after the warm up. Whew!

After that I taught Totally Toned and participated for the whole session! I counted today as a full body workout towards my goals.

Chest Press
French Press
Pelvic Lift March
Plank Hold

Plie Squat
Biceps curl
Lat pull down
Wall sit (45 secs-60 secs)
1 arm row

I think this hit every muscle group!

I taught a Spin class again at 6 PM. I taught part of the Tour de France Stage 15 to this group. It was new to them although I have taught it twice now in my morning classes. New groups can be fun and/or intimidating. This seemed like a fun bunch-and they clapped after class which is usually a good sign!

*This coming Sunday is the duathlon. I won't be doing it. I am pretty bummed about it but will be over it in a few days, and then be bummed about it again on Sunday ;-).
2 of my fellow instructors/friends are going to do it. I hear it's a small duathlon, and when I looked up results from last years race-- there was not anyone in my age group! haha.... I would rather have competition, but still!! I would have gone home with a medal for sure! It's not about the medal for me ( I swear). It's more about the journey even more than the end result --always. I love to do well; don't get me wrong, but the memories of the process and training are usually what gets me though the tough portions ( and seeing my kids on the race course).
And well, maybe the medal-but mostly for my kids-they get a kick out of the hard wear!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

On the way to meeting my goals.....(progress so far)


Miles: 12.26
Yoga: 0 minutes total
Weight Training: 2 sessions
Road bike mileage: 21.44 (goal attained!)
Miles : 20
Yoga: 60 minutes total
Weight Training: 3 sessions
Road bike mileage: 20
Ok, so I did meet all my goals. I actually did worse than I thought I would do. Maybe I was too ambitious? Too tired? Or maybe the goals were just too steep since this was not a typical week for me? I think it was a mixture of all of those choices!
I am not even sure I can make goals for this week ( lame) since I have no clue if I am doing the duathlon this coming Sunday. So that in itself makes it hard for me to plan ( lame). So I will post some maybe goals I guess? ( lame). I will call them tentative goals I suppose- I may or may not revise them as plans come about. Good enough. I can adapt. It's like my middle name.
Friday/Saturday/Sunday - OFF. I kind of feel weird about that. We did walk a little bit during the the trip, but not as much activity as I am used to.
Running Miles : 15?
Yoga: 60 minutes total
Weight Training: 3 sessions?
Road bike mileage: 15?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

On the way to meeting my goals.....(progress so far)

Miles: 12.26
Yoga: 0 minutes total
Weight Training: 2 sessions
Road bike mileage: 21.44
(goal attained!)
Miles : 20
Yoga: 60 minutes total
Weight Training: 3 sessions
Road bike mileage: 20

Power Train!!

Oh boy. Today is usually my active rest day-- I have been trying to do yoga on Thursday's for an hour. I might also walk on the the treadmill as a slow pace for 15-30 minutes before yoga to get the blood flowing. I subbed a class today called Power Train. It's basically a plyometric class. A whole hour. I have only been a participant to this class once, so I will admit I kind of winged it! I am also going to count today as a weight training session- even though we technically did not use weights. I am going to count it because I did a total of 50 lunge jumps and 50 prisoner walking squats and pulses. My butt is saying to count it as a weight training session so I am!
It was a lot of fun, but also very taxing. I don't teach or take this kind of class on a regular basis and I could tell. I was tired during class! My heart rate was up there and it averaged about 150 during class which is pretty high for an hour long class that has ups and downs.
I did not have time ( and probably the energy) to go back to the gym for the yoga class. I know I needed it this week. I had a pretty active week and my muscles are yelling at me.
We leave for out of town in the morning so it's doubtful that I will reach all of my fitness goals for this week.
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

On the way to meeting my goals.....(progress so far)

** Sunday-Wednesday**

Miles: 12.26
Yoga: 0 minutes total
Weight Training: 1 session
Road bike mileage: 21.44 (goal attained!)

Miles : 20
Yoga: 60 minutes total
Weight Training: 3
Road bike mileage: 20

Wednesday- spinning and a quick run and I'm tired.

Pretty tired this morning. I woke up nauseous. I am not sure if it was because I was dehydrated or the sugar buzz ( Hot Tamales-I earned them dang it!!) Maybe a combo of both?!? Anyways, the morning started off like that. Nauseous! blah.

Spinning was at 10 Am...I planned on taking it easy, but I always get caught up in the music and ride. My legs were pretty tired and so was the rest of my body. I had big plans of running long after Spin, but the heat, humidity and lunch with my husband changed my mind. Ahhhh. A nap would have been nice as well, but hey. I know that was not happening.

I did make it back to the gym and got in a fast 2.1 miles. So I have that going for me. I am not sure I will make my goal of 20 miles before the week is over.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday- bike, teach, run?

Ooops..I was hoping to post before the goal update blog posted. Oh well.

Today was a busy cardio day.
I was up early and go ton the bike and headed outside to put in some miles. 14.24 to be exact. It was a great morning. It was kind of chilly ( well compared to how the day ended up). If I am able to participate in the next duathlon I really want to do even better on the bike this time. It's less miles than the first du I did this year by about 6 or so miles. I really want to push myself. I of course want to do well on the run portion too. Ugh. Running has been my worst enemy and nightmare combined this season.

I taught cardio sculpt today and then headed off to running club. Today's prescribed workout was 1 mile warm up 4-6 mile tempo and 2 mile cool down. Did I mention the heat index was in the 90's? My friend and I arrived early and got the warm up out of the way ( almost an 8:00 pace-which is more like my tempo pace this year!) after that i just felt off. I am sure it was the weather combined with my activity for the day and perhaps nutrition??!??! I ate well today, maybe not enough for my activity-I really have no idea. It's hard for me to figure out a proper eating schedule and how fuel with my workout and work priorities. Very frustrating. Anyway--- My buddy and I decided to just run 4 more miles and call it a day. Not even at tempo pace ( her's is 6:50 by the way! haha). We got about .68 miles in when I knew i was done. I took a short cut by myself and called it a day with 2.3 miles in. I was to get in 9 miles tonight and only managed 4.22! I am not mad though--really. Just pooped! I did a lot today. I met and exceeded my goal for bike mileage already- it's only Tuesday!! Now I need to figure out when to lift, yoga and run. Yikes!!

On the way to meeting my goals.....(progress so far)


Miles: 10.16
Yoga: 0 minutes total
Weight Training: 1 session
Road bike mileage: 21.44 (goal attained!)

Miles : 20
Yoga: 60 minutes total
Weight Training: 3
Road bike mileage: 20

Monday, August 9, 2010

On the way to meeting my goals.....(progress so far)

**Sunday-Monday goal progress**
Miles: 5.94
Yoga: 0 minutes total
Weight Training: 1 session
Road bike mileage: 7.20
Miles : 20
Yoga: 60 minutes total
Weight Training: 3
Road bike mileage: 20

Run Bike Run- and Spin!

I woke up early today to get things done! The sun did not come up until at least 15 minutes later than I thought...so I sat around a bit longer than I wanted to.
My plan was to run for 20 minutes, bike for 30 and then run for another 20 minutes.

20 minute run ( 2.1 miles)
30 minute bike ( 7.20 miles)
15:33 minute run ( 1.83 miles)
I was really going to do 20...honest! The lightening shower had other plans for me I guess!! I was about 8 or nine minutes in when the craziness began. It sure made me run faster so I guess that is a plus! I was pretty tired, but glad I got some miles in on the bike as well as on my shoes!

After that I had to get ready for Spin class. I taught an interval style class. It was super hot up in the spin room today too. I thought I might be too tired to really give it my all. And I was. Haha! I did work hard, but there were moments when I faked it. Luckily I played some of my favorite songs to make sure I was not slacking the whole time. Starry Eyed Remix - If I could play this song on repeat-- I really would. I am not sure why I love it so much- I am not even sure how I found it, but I over play it in Spin. The good thing is I can tell my class likes it too ( even if they didn't I would sneak it in there every once in a while. haha!) I also like this one..it's a mash up of Hey Mickey and That's Not My Name. Kinda fun! Anyways...that was my morning! I taught Totally Toned at noon.....well I told my class what to do as I observed! They did great too! I need a nap.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

On the way to meeting my goals.....(progress so far)

**Sunday goal progress**


Miles: 2
Yoga: 0 minutes total
Weight Training: 1 sessioin
Road bike mileage: 0


Miles : 20
Yoga: 60 minutes total
Weight Training: 3
Road bike mileage: 20


Sunday~ 1 mile run on treadmill followed by 40 minute Spin class followed by 1 mile run on treadmill. I also lifted weights for upper body.
My first mile was 8:45 and my 2nd mile was 8:16.

Shoulder Press
Biceps Curl

Chest Press
Reverse Flye

Triceps Ext.
Rotator Cuff stuff

Today's workout was impromptu all the way. I really wanted to do my long run. I really did. I first contemplated doing 10 miles and then 8 and then it was past 12 noon and hot and humid. I then thought to run 5 to six and then ride my bike. Well, I did none of those! Ugh. I was able to get to the gym though and did something-even my measly 2 miles today-- only 18 more to go to reach my goal for this week!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

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Saturday spin and that is ALL.

Well the weight training from yesterday settled in nicely today. OUCH! I am a sucker for pain.
I got up early to teach Power Spin- this time I taught Stage 16 of the Tour de France. It was basically one ginormous hill climb. It was a beast. It was tough, hard and fun. It was a 75 minute long class. I had big plans for myself today too--I had planned to run in the 8k this evening. After waiting around all day ( not literally--I mean I have a husband and 2 kids here), I decided at around 3 pm or so that I was not going to do the race. Letting the weeks workouts settle in after teaching spin so early- racing about 10 hours later did not seem like a great idea. I was slightly bummed, but I felt I best rest since my body is tired and so am I. I don't think I will regret my decision in the morning. I know that this week's training (class, workouts, running and hopefully getting the bike on the road) will be jam packed. I also need to make sure my nutrition and sleep are on the up and up this week as well.

Weekly wrap up:
Miles ran: 6
Road bike: 0
Yoga: 0
Spin classes: 4
Cardio machines: 90 minutes
weight training sessions: 3
I am still not making much progress on the biking mileage or yoga. Dangit!
And my mileage this week for running is pretty piss poor to say the least. It's a good thing I got up and ran the little 3 miles on Monday morning or it would have been even worse!
Goals for upcoming Sunday to Saturday.
I have to be realistic here. My husband and I are planning to be out of town Friday to Saturday evening. That means I will be skipping another long run with the group and somehow need to do it on my own.
Miles to run: 20
Yoga: 60 minutes total
Weight Training: 3
Road bike mileage: 20

I hope I am not getting too cocky with these goals! I think it will help me to get it done though.

Friday, August 6, 2010


Friday~ Early morning spin. I repeated the same class format as Wednesday..... 4 minutes of running intervals followed by a 4 minute progressive hill climb, followed by a recovery, followed by a sprint followed by a recovery and repeat two more times! Did ya get all that?!?! It was kind of fun.
I lifted after that. Full body today.
I upped my weights since it is the 3rd week of consistent lifting ( yay!)

Pull ups ( 3 sets of 4)
Dead lifts
Chest Press
1 arm row
alternating lunges

I was not feeling it today, but I am glad I got it done.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Crazy for Cardio...... Or just plain crazy.

Wednesday~ Crazy 1000 meter sprints on the track in humidity that was just stupid. I did a very short warm up and then (4) 1000 meter "sprints" in about 4:12 each time. It was hard. The nice part is that I got to rest for 4:12 between sprints. I did about a mile cool down. Spin class was at 10 am; intervals. Turbo Kick class and I think that was all. Ha. Cardio overload, but it was fun.

Thursday~ Elliptical Hill intervals. 20 seconds hard and 20 seconds easy for 30 minutes. I then ran a half mile on the treadmill just for fun. I might go and walk on the treadmill while Amara has her Track and Field class in about an hour.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Some fun pics I took yesterday of the kids. I took 132! These 2 made the cut!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday early morning run and endurance ride.

Monday- today's spin class was a boring endurance one. Ok, well it's only as boring as you make it, right?!??! It was hard. Endurance classes are harder than mot think ( I think). I actually heard it felt like a Race Day! The whole class ( after the warm up) should be at a pace that is between easy and hard. This is hard to understand without a heart rate monitor. So I try to explain to my class that they should not be comfortable during class, but it should be something they could maintain for hours if they HAD to. I think most got the point! It was a good class. I think I lost 6 lbs of sweat and left 3 lbs of it on the floor beneath my bike ( ewww).
My upper body is pretty sore from yesterday's workout. I am liking that feeling again. It's been too long!
My Totally Toned class worked very hard today ( I sat this one out-- don't tell anyone).

I almost forgot.....I ran this morning! Duh. I put in 3 whole miles while my house slept. It was humid already at 6:30 am, but the morning was beautiful. It was painfully hard to run naked (broke iPod), but I managed. It was a slow pace-- 9:19 or something, but my last mile was better than 8:30. Take that! ;-)
I am trying to run more so this was my attempt at that. We will see how the rest of the week goes!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Great start to the week!

Sunday~ I asked my dad to come over so I could get a workout in. I am so glad he lives down the way ( 10 mins) and said YES!

I went in without a real plan. All I knew was that I wanted to lift upper body and do cardio.
I got on the elliptical for 15 minutes and then did 4 sets of 10 reps:

Lat pull down
Push ups
Up right rows

Cross/Arch Trainer cardio for 15 minutes
and then 4x10:

Shoulder Press
Bent over Rows
Biceps Curls

I ended with an incline walk on the tread for 15 minutes.

This was actually a fun workout and very different from what I have ever done before.
It made the lifting portion go by super fast! That is why I added a 4th set. Even the cardio went by fast. I was able to push myself a bit harder knowing I only had 15 minutes to do it.
With the weights I went from exercise to exercise with no breaks--I then took a 30 to 45 second break before beginning the next set. Whew! I might try this on Thursday when I plan on lifting legs....we will see though!