Thursday, August 5, 2010

Crazy for Cardio...... Or just plain crazy.

Wednesday~ Crazy 1000 meter sprints on the track in humidity that was just stupid. I did a very short warm up and then (4) 1000 meter "sprints" in about 4:12 each time. It was hard. The nice part is that I got to rest for 4:12 between sprints. I did about a mile cool down. Spin class was at 10 am; intervals. Turbo Kick class and I think that was all. Ha. Cardio overload, but it was fun.

Thursday~ Elliptical Hill intervals. 20 seconds hard and 20 seconds easy for 30 minutes. I then ran a half mile on the treadmill just for fun. I might go and walk on the treadmill while Amara has her Track and Field class in about an hour.

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