Sunday, January 31, 2010

First race of the season--kinda sorta....

Today was the Frostbite Marathon Team Relay! Lots of fun. COLD.COLD.COLD!!

I was the first leg of 5 people. I went out strong and finished not so strong! It's cool though. It was not a timed event. I don't even know what my time was. I think the number one reason I fizzled out fast was lack of fuel. I ate breakfast at 5:20 AM and the race was at 8. I ran out of carbs etc. I took a swig of a sports drink a few seconds before the race estarted, but obviously I needed more. Such a dumb mistake. I know my body and I know that I needed something else in me to fuel the tank! I ran over 5 miles. That's all I know for sure. I think I did the 5+ miles in about 42 minutes or so?!?? I have no idea and don't really care! It was meant to be a FUN event and FUN it was. The name of my team was-
What? Are you kidding me?
I thought that was funny. Many of the other teams came dressed up and with fancy batons to pass. There was a penis (yep, they actually got the cops called them by an upset citizen that saw it as they ran through town.) a rubber chicken, a miniature piano leg, and other fun stuff! We had a G.I. Joe doll and a Baribe doll kind of stuck together. Not sure what that meant, but it got a few laughs!
Since my portion of the race was at 8AM it was still rather chilly with a windchill of course. And naturally we were close to a lake so that made things a big more cold and windy! My face was so cold that when I tried to drink the warm( thank God) Gatorade it literally dribbled down my chin because I could not feel my lips. Yup. Super cute.

My team was very fun and we got to know each other a lot better since we were stuck in a mini van for the duration of the race. Things got quite silly up in there!

After the race we went to the pub that sponsored it and had our free chili and beer and treats. It was quite a gathering. Even though this was a FUN race and sooo not competitive, it really got me thinking I am ready to pick up my game this year. I think I am ready to do it. I just wish it was a tad lot warmer out already!!
Can't wait til next year!

Saturday, January 30, 2010


My legs are TIRED!! I made it to the 60 minute spin today. Before that started I did a quick warm up on the bike and then did about 10-15 minutes of core work ( go me!). I did some pilates roll ups, hip circles, leg lifts and plank holds. I did about 3 sets I think.
I also took my time getting into the spin ride today. I extended the warm up on my own to make sure I was actually ready! It was a good endurance ride, but I still took it down a notch. I was still a sweaty mess, but only half as usual.
I stretched for a good 10 minutes afterwards. It feels good to have it all done. It was 4* this morning and a windchill of something stupid. I am now feeling really good that I was unable to find a sitter so I could do the long run outside. Whew.
Tomorrow is my first race of the season! EEEEK!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday--Long Run.

I did my longish run this evening on the crappy trusty treadmill. We are beginning to be friends (more like enemies) these days. I don't even know my pace for the 10 miles I put in today. Don't care either! I am just happy to be DONE!!
I did not find my running "groove" until about 6 miles those first 6 were not so much fun for me. My plan was to do 11 miles. At mile 6 I had to talk myself into going for 8, so 10 seemed like a accomplishment to me! WHEW!
I stretched afterwards and came home to a nice dinner of a chicken breast, squash and sweet potato. Yum Yum!

SO glad that's over! ( the run, not my dinner!)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wednesday and Thursday stuff.......

Well Wednesday was an off day. I know. I had a complete day or rest on Sunday!! Oh well. My kids were up all night Tuesday and early Wednesday morning. No sleep for anyone so I was a nice mommy and let my girl sleep in until almost 10am ( the start of my spin class) Thank goodness I found a sub at the LAST minute!! My kids always come first. They both had/have some weird hacking cough that naturally is worse at night! All the honey in the world was not going to "cure" them. They are both doing so much better now.

I was able to get to my 12 noon class though. I was not much of a good instructor I might admit...they seemed to get a good workout, but I felt off my usual game. I was sooo tired. I can work through it usually, but I was going on 3-4 not so good hours of sleep. Whew.

On to Thursday.

I am still behind in my sleep, but was able to make it to the gym this morning for weight training. Still doing the same circuit, but that will change next Tuesday. I think my training partner is ready to step up his game as well. It was a good one today. 4x10. No time for core today, but we did stretch for a good 8 minutes!

I also went back to the gym to do my speed workout on the good old treadmill. Today was a fartlek workout (Training in which the pace is varied from a fast sprint to slow jogging).

It's hard to pace on the treadmill, but I did most of them at 7.6 mph up to 8.2 mph. It was 2 minutes fast 2 minutes slow jogging. 8 times. Oh what fun! I attempted to go to my beloved kickboxing class right after. I snuck in the back and lasted about 8 minutes ( the warm up! So sad), but I listened to my body and it was in need of some nourishment. No need to be all crazy stupid in the name of extra cardio! And besides I am kicking the idea of getting my long run in tomorrow morning. Ugh. Long treadmill run by myself. I should get to be d now. 4:14 AM will be here soon.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday-- hill sprints and weight training

Today was the normal Tuesday combo- weights in the morning and cardio in the evening.
I am so scheduled.
Weight circuits plus core work and stretching at 9:30PM.
I was unable to make it to the hill sprints with my running clubs so I did it on the treadmill (sigh). It was not so bad. The only thing I slack on is the warm up and cool down. I am to run a 1.5 miles for both. I did .5 for both! I figure it's better to slack on that and then the actual workout. That's my story and I am sticking to it! Hill pick - up sprints x 10. On the tread. Oh boy. It stinks that I won't be at Thursdays or Saturdays runs either! I plan to do both on my own though. Ugh. The 11 miles will be hard alone, but I am more worried about figuring out when I can actually get it in on Friday. Either then or Saturday after Matt gets home from work. Decisions, decisions. Both days will be cold as ever so.......
I also used the rowing machine for a full 10 minutes. That thing is hard! I normally only go for 5 I know why! I hope to be able to row more than once a week now. I like it!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday- Spinning Race Day- Sweat Fest.

Today was the day!
The last Monday of the month = Race Day. I feel kind of sorry for the new people that came to class today. Today is not a typical class due to the intensity. I did tell them that and chatted with them afterwards to make sure they were OK and understood......they seemed to, so I hope to see them again. All the bikes were utilized this morning so it was even warmer then normal-we have the fans going-thank goodness. It was hot up in there!
It was a pretty good ride today. I gave more visual cues today the I normally do. We had a few times where I had them "see" a person they wanted to pass and then we sped it up even more for 15-20 seconds. All the hills I had in the race today were short and too the point. Some were steep and some were at a fast pace, but challenging nonetheless. Good stuff.
Totally Toned was in the afternoon. Lots of core again. They seem to
hate/love it--so they say. I just give the people what they want!

I'm old...

Well I will do a short update of my runner party. I am officially OLD! I can't hang anymore. I don't normally drink more than 2 alcoholic beverages in a row on the same night.I would say I indulge no more than 5 times a year. Probably less. So anyway. Saturday night started off with a tequila shot before dinner. I am pretty sure I was buzzed within 6 minutes. At least the dinner was carb based. Lots of bread sticks, pasta and pizza! A few beers and one more shot later I was done. The good new is i am not an obnoxious or sloppy person when I drink and I did not get sick. The bad news is I am no good the day after. I felt fine when I woke up. It's the 1-2 hours upon rising that get me. I could have slept all day fo sho! That is impossible with a family that needs me to NOT be sleeping all day. Oh well. This is the reason I don't do the whole drinking thing more than a few times a year. The next time will probably be in May. To celebrate my birthday and the 25k..since IT WILL be the year I run it under 2 hours.

Oh, so Sunday was a day off! Haha!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday Long Run

I went it with the thought of running 10-11 miles and ended running 12. It felt good though. It felt waaay better than last weekends long run-that's for sure!

I was way too hot today. And then freezing cold, ,and then way too hot again. I love Michigan! My hands were ever too warm (for about 5 minutes).

It was not snowing, just a bit breezy from time to time. I ended up running the final 6 miles by myself. This will be new for me this season, but so far so good. My normal running buddies are training for a spring marathon and I am not. I don't need to be running 14-15 miles I'm not! So thankful for my iPod though!!

Tonight is the party. I can't wait!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday--a day of complete REST!

I went to bed on Thursday night thinking I would take Friday off. I woke up Friday morning thinking the same thing. Not only was I tired and do for a break anyway, but I was beyond sore. I know part of it was from the kickboxing class and the other was from changing things up with my weight circuit. My back is tore up!! All those elbow strikes and hooks do it to me every time! My hamstrings are on fire and I am sure the culprit is the wide stance dead lifts I did. Woah and ouchie. It's all good though. I stretched a little bit today. I probably should have done some yoga. Yep. I should have. Oh well.
Tomorrow is my long run day. I plan on doing 10-11 miles. My iPod is charging as I type. Tomorrow night is also the end of the year party for my running group. Yes, I know it's the beginning of the year, but this was the best time to hold it. It should be a good time. It will be fun and interesting to see how everyone looks in normal clothes ( although normal clothes for a lot of us is workout clothes!). Sometimes it's hard to even recognize people not in running tights, hats and windbreakers! My race is next SUNDAY. EEEK!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Today was full body circuits. It was the same workout as I posted Tuesday, but I did 3x12. I also changed up a few things.
Instead of a basic split squat I did alternating reverse lunges. Instead of a BB row, I did a DB row. And instead of standard dead lifts, I did a wide stance dead. Those small changes can make a big difference in how the muscles are "worked" and it just makes it more interesting I think! I have a workout buddy as well. He ( yes, I said he!) makes lifting a lot more fun and he pushes me to lift heavier when I normally might have chosen a lighter weight. It's the whole competitive side that I can't tame! He needs guidance and accountability and I need the consistency, so things are working out for both of us. We have been pretty consistent ( one time I skipped due to who knows what, but he said he still lifted) for about 5 weeks now. I hope we can keep at it!
After lifting we do about 15 minutes of core. Today that included hip circles, leg lifts,and cat and cows. I threw in some stretching and yoga at the end that he was not too sure about, but did it because I told him to! HA!
I did not really feel like or have enough time to do my cardio at this time.
The kids and i went back later and I was able to do my HILL workout on the treadmill. It was not at all like taking on Manhattan Hill last Tuesday, but I still did it. 10 times up .10 of a mile and then back "down". Ugh. It was good though. Ugh. That took me roughly 35 minutes including the warm up and cool down.
I was able to make it to my beloved kickboxing class. I had not been to this gym or this class since before Christmas. The instructor as well as many participants made a big deal about seeing me again! How nice to be missed. I am officially a gym rat! So funny. I think they missed my kids more though! It was a great workout and I am sure my back will be letting me know just how great in the morning! I think I will try and make it back to this class next week too. I miss it and the peeps!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tuesday and Wednesday Recap

My days have gotten so busy!!!
Tuesday- full body circuit training went well. 4x8. ugh.

Split Squat
BB Row

Incline chest press
Chin ups

Dead lifts
Up Right Row

A little bit or core and stretching.

1.6 mile warm up

1 mile fast....1 mile slow x8.
Felt a lot different then doing it on the treadmill!!
Coach had a whistle that he blew every minute...kind of felt like cattle being herded.

Spin class. I was once again out of breath early on in class. I think it is a direct effect from not being recovered from the running speed workout the night before. Hmmm. Not liking that. at. all. I will wear my HR monitor next Wednesday to test my theory.
Totally Toned was good. Lots of sore abs from Monday's class!

That is all!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Sunday and Monday stuff!

I was a busy gal on Sunday so I waited until today when I was not as busy...cuz I am still busy as usual!

Sunday was all cardio!! Sometimes I just can't get enough. Or I just needed to be out of the house..yea. I started with a 5 minute warm up on the rowing machine and then hopped on the elliptical for some shorter intervals ( 30 seconds on 30 seconds off). They were pretty intense. All 15 minutes of em'! I then went on the horrid stair climbing machine. 10 minutes of logerish intervals ( 1 minute on 1 minute off). And then I went on a different style elliptical for 15 minutes of longerishish ( this should be a word) intervals ( 2 minutes on 2 minutes off). Lastly ( yep, there is more) I walked on the tread for 10 minutes on a varying incline at a constant speed of 3.8. I wanted to cool down on the rower for 5 minutes, but I guess it was a pretty popular item on this day. All 6 of them were taken. Boooo!
I did utilize my extra time well and stretched. 13 whole minutes again. I am on a frickin' roll with this stretching business. HA!

Monday~ Spin day. We have a new sign up system at our gym. Today was the first day it was used and there was only one snafu. Sadly, I had to make a dude leave my class as he did not sign up properly and "stole" someone elses bike. He was not happy, but I just enforce the rules not make them! Sorry Charlie! Needless to say, the class was packed! It was a strength/endurance day. Oh boy. We did 1 set of strength intervals for 9 minutes, followed by 9 minutes of endurance intervals. We did that twice. I added in one more 9 minute hill and a 6 minute more difficult then the first 2 endurance interval. It was really tough. I was looking like a drowned rat by the 20 minute mark!
I taught Totally Toned at noon and from the sounds of it I killed some core today. I know I killed mine! I get to run tomorrow! Yay!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A mostly COLD long run with some good tunage!

The weather was kind of deceiving today. It was in the high 20's when I started the run, the wind at my back. Feeling great, even up the 10 minute hill! 5 miles down and it was time for me to turn it around and head back. Holy wind in my face! I was now freezing cold, but still trying to keep up a good pace. Mainly to get back fast and be done with it! My hands did not do well. It took me at least an hour to get the feeling back in some of my finger tips after I got home.

I made a play list ( finally figured it out last night before bed) for today's run with BEP's latest double disk included. It came in handy. I also had some old Incubus (Vitamin) and some Kanye West to keep me motivated (Stronger and Champion are always good for that). I am still learning how to use my iPod, but am liking it so far. I love/hate that it is so small. I am afraid ( so is Matt) that I will lose it. I was tired of how BIG my Rio Mp3 player was though.

I think I got a bit off topic ( weather). For the past 3 long runs I have dressed totally wrong. 2 weeks ago I was under dressed. Last week I was totally overdressed and today I had it right-- until it was time to turn around. I wore a long sleeve wicking top and a vest. On the way back I wished i had more arm coverage. I usually get the whole "how to dress" thing down a week or 2 before it's time to put the winter running gear away! Oh well.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday--speed work on the dreaded treadmill...

So nice to be all done ( almost) with my workouts for the day!
I kind of impressed myself by getting up early to go and do my speed workout! I am unable to run with the club on I asked a fellow clubber what the workout was.
They did a 1.6 mile warm up and cool down. In between that was some nonsense. 1 minute fast run followed by a 1 minute slower run...x8! I wish I could have been there with them for the motivation. But ya do what ya gotta do!
I did a 1.5 mile warm up (13 ish minutes). I stretched and then I did the workout. It was hard to figure out what speed to run at. I ended up going from 8.0 up to almost 10. It was hard ,but in a very gratifying fun way. Yea. I am weird. When I was done I stretched a bit and then ran a 1 mile cool down. I hopped on the elliptical for a very easy 15 minutes.
I am happy to say that I stretched again for a whole 13 minutes straight! I needed it too.
It was a great day. It's not over yet though. I have to teach Totally Toned at noon. I am not sure what I am going to do, so I best go and plan it now!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Spin sub and new circuit Thursday

I subbed a spin class this morning at 5:30 AM. It was hard to get up!!!
Class was really tough. I was told to teach a muscle endurance class. These type of classes are way hard!! you basically do not get a recovery at all. The point is to really tax your system and to keep your heart rate at a moderate pace. Sounds not too hard, but once you actually do it and do it correctly, you will see (feel) what I mean. The early morning bunch is a bit different than my mid morning gang. The morning people are actually morning people. They come in with coffee 20 minutes early and are very social at a time when I would rather not be. They motivate me! Lots of yelps from my front row girl. Lots of grunts from the dudes. At the end I even got a fist pump. It was funny.
A few hours later I headed back to the gym for my full body circuit. I changed things up a bit as my workout partner was getting bored! Here's what it looked like:
These were in supersetted groups.


Split Squat
Bent over rows

Incline chest press
Chin- ups

Dead lifts
Up right rows

I kind of skipped core today. I was not feeling it and I felt tired from my early morning as well as the weight workout. Even though I skipped that I felt today was a great day!

Wednesday..Spinning and Totally Toned

I forgot to post my workout yesterday--oooops!
It started with teaching Spin class. It was a really good interval style class. One thing I noticed was that I was winded for a good portion of the class. I wonder if it had anything to do with not being fully recovered from running the night before??? I wonder.....
I taught Totally Toned next and I forgot to pack my gym shoes! I tried to do lunges in my Nike boots, but they are not made for lunging apparently! I took them off and worked out in my socks! It was not too bad I guess. It was a good workout. Most of the class was still sore from Monday's session. We worked those hips out!!

These are not the boots I have..but the upgraded version that I WANT!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wordless Wednesday (sort of)

Race pictures from 2009! Feeling the motivation for an AWESOME 2010 season!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tuesday-- Run for the Hills!

Tonight (6 PM) was the first speed session for my running Even though I knew what the workouts would be you are really never ready for it! It was HARD.
We were told to run the hill 4-8 times. That is pretty wide open. I was set to do 6, but of course my competitive nature took right over and I had to do 8. I was totally spent at 4.5 though! I feel so good when it's over and done with. During I kind of feel like keeling over. For real. Hills are the worst/best thing in training. The good thing is that it makes the workout literally fly by. 8 hills came out to be about 2 miles total. Warm up and cool down were 1.5 miles each way. Not too many today, but that was not the point of today's workout. Hill sprints build leg strength and speed. Bring it!! I need that!!! I even stretched today after running. It was the peer pressure I tell yea! I don't mind stretching while gossiping. It's distracting. I might have stretched for a solid 10-12 minutes. YAY!
This morning I made it to the gym for my usual full body circuit. I might change this up this week or next for sure. It was fun while it lasted.
Core today was planks (3 sets) and some one legged roll ups (3 sets). They hurt.

Today was a good day!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Sunday Slacker....Monday cardio session( NOT Spin)

Sunday was a forced day off. There was just not enough hours in the day to get my butt to the gym.
Monday I was up early with cardio on my mind. I used the rower again for about 15 minutes and then did the elliptical for about 45 minutes. It was a steady state kind of thing and I only really pushed the pace for the last 10 minutes.
There was no spin for me today. My son had yellow boogers and the daycare at the gym frowns on that. Soooo , I had to find a sub. It was a nice break though. I will be back at it on Wednesday when his boogs will be clear! HA!
I taught Totally Toned and kept the class on the floor the whole class. Core was on my mind today. It will be on theirs tomorrow and the day after--I worked those hips like mad today! They were complaining and moaning and begging me to stop! They loved it.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


I took Friday off. It was kind of forced as my little boy was sick! He was up basically all night and I could not fathom getting up at 5 AM to exercise. Not happening! No big deal. I wanted to take Sunday off, but life happens!

On to Saturday. Today is the first official day of my running club workouts. It was also the kick-off to get new people to join. The plan was to meet at 7AM to get in 6 miles with my running buddies and them meet at 8 am and do an additional 4 with the whole group. That's what we did too. The first 6 miles were OK. It was pitch black for 75% of the run. We took on the big Fulton Street hill with a vengeance today too. It felt kind of good! After the first 6 miles we went inside to sit in on the run club meeting. I was freezing. My sweat was drying and I started to stiffen up too. 25 minutes later we were back at it. Getting started again pretty much sucked. The wind and cold sweat-- not a good mix! We pushed the pace for our normal leisurely run. I think we were just trying to get it over with! It was that bad! Not really. It felt good to go a bit faster than normal, ,and it was only 4 miles at this pace, not 10! It was not a race!!
After the run we went back inside for lots of goodies: cookies, brownies, scones, bagels, lots of fruits, hot cocoa and coffee! I sampled a bit of the sweet stuff and even had some fruit!
It looks like a great group of veterans and there were plenty of new comers as well.
I think this year will be a great one!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Back at it...running that is! Weights and core too.

I woke up early to run on the treadmill today. I am not a big fan of treadmill running, but I don't like running in the dark and cold morning alone even more! I had to break in my new shoes. Mizuno- Wave Inspire 6. I called them pink, but Matt assured me they were indeed a salmon ( he is a fly fisherman!)
I was able to get in 5 good miles on the mill. Good enough for me. I then pretended to stretch for almost 10 whole minutes! I am just so impatient to take the time to stretch. I keep saying I need to do yoga--and it's true. I need to do it already!
I went home and got the kids ready an then went back to the gym to lift.
Today was:
4 sets of 8 reps

Squats (115#)
Pull ups

Bent over flyes (12# DBs)
Shoulder press ( 2x15#--2x20#)

Step ups ( 20#DBs)
Chest Press ( 2x20#--2x25#)

It went really well and fast too. I was about sick of the step ups today. I think it was holding the weights irritated my wrist/hands more than my legs hurting!

Core was next.
Hip series in reps of 15- 3 exercises
Plank circles on stability ball- 3 sets
Lower back series reps of 15- 3 sets with isometric holds at the end( ouchie)
Cat and Cow-- 5

Today was a great day!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wednesday..Spinning and Totally Toned-- For sure!

Spin and totally toned were on my To Do list today. Spinning was fun. Another interval type class ,but with more hills then Monday. We also had 5 sprints today which is a lot for me!
Totally Toned went well today too. There are a lot of new faces this session and I want to break them in slowly.... They did say they were still sore from Monday's class, but so did the "veterans".
I am sore from my own lifting from Tuesday. I better get over it because I am back at it tomorrow!
I got new running shoes last yesterday! This might be the first time in a long time that I actually bought new shoes before I needed them! I normally wait until my knees and or hips start to ache and then I wait another 2-4 weeks after that to do anything about it ( cuz I'm smart like that), not to mention the shoes I get cost $100! Thank goodness my Totally Toned class chipped in and got me a gift certificate to my fave running store for $110!! I still have $4 left to go nuts with!! Woohoo!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tuesday: weights, core and a lil bit of cardio

Today my focus was more on my full body circuit then it was with cardio. What up with that?!?! Sooo unlike me!
It did not take me that long to do, but with the time I had left I could not really get a worth while cardio session in.
Weights 3x10

DB Bent over flyes
Shoulder Press

DB chest press

Pull ups
Step ups

Pilates roll ups 3x10 with one set holding a 3lb weight! (it was hard)

Bosu planks 3x 30seconds

Cat and Cow 1 set of 12 ( I loathe these)

Before my workout I did the stair stepper for 5 minutes to warm up
After the workout I got on the arch trainer for a quick 15 minutes of fun.

I even stretched!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Sunday, Monday and Stuff!

Sunday~ OFF!!! I sure needed it too. The icy and snowy run really wrecked havoc on my legs!! I should have done some yoga/stretching, but I didn't.

Monday~ Today was Spin day. It was a true structured interval style class. It went over well with the participants I hope. Matt has made it to class the last six weeks I think. I think he actually enjoys it too...I think! He is doing great.
I am also back to teaching Totally Toned on Monday's/ I had a whopping 2 weeks off. It was good to be back. I think they missed me!

Stuff~ This will be the week that I will start to step up my running mileage. I will run more than once per week! I don't have a mileage goal in mind yet, but I will come up with something soon. My running club "kick-off" is this weekend. That means that we officially start on Saturday! We will be meeting on Tues/Thur and Saturdays now. I will only be able to make it on Tuesday's for the speed work as Matt plays b-ball on Thursday nights. I am fine with that though. I can get burned out on running very quickly.
My first race of the season will be in a relay. I will be running 5 miles in all on Jan. 31. I am kind of excited to try and run fast again. It's been a while.
I also plan on weight training twice a week, full body, most likely circuits. I will shoot for Sunday and Tuesday or Tuesday and Thursday depending on what kind of time I have. I will also be doing my cleanse again in a few weeks. I really liked it the first time around and will continue to do it every 90 days. It helps me to get rid of all the toxins I have inhaled during the past few weeks of the loooong holiday season. I am happy to say that when I first did the cleanse 90 days ago I dropped about 6.5 lbs. and have kept off 4 of those! I am happy with that..and my pants are still baggy! Ha ha! SO I am not going into the cleanse trying to lose any weight, ,sometimes it happens though and if it does, I won't be upset!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Saturday Long Run

10 long miles today. It has been a while since I actually ran 2 days in a row!
It was freezing this morning. It was about a 1* windchill and boy it felt it too!! My poor hands. Even with my h and warmers they were frozen solid. The wind at my face. The frozen snot. The frozen eyelashes. Why do I run again!??!
My running friends did 12 miles but I stuck to my guns and turned it around after 5. They were kicking themselves when they reached mile 10.5 though. I had the right idea today!
I am glad I braved the elements even if it was for only 10 miles!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year--A great day for a run!

Happy New Year!!
I hope everyone had a great night ringing in 2010 with a BANG! I know I did..... Home by 9:00 PM and in bed at 12:05! What can I say?? I know how to party!
My friend Mary and I decided to sleep in today so we could have a nice late run this afternoon at 12 noon. We ended up doing 7 miles in a bit over an hour. It felt really good, the wind was a bit harsh at times, but overall the weather was great. The sun was even shining!
I did not stretch and I can tell. I will do my best to stretch some tonight and possibly do some core work...Oh and I am even MORE sore from boxing class today. My abs are tender and my shoulders are angry. STILL!! Sweet.