Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tuesday-- Run for the Hills!

Tonight (6 PM) was the first speed session for my running club--RunGR.com. Even though I knew what the workouts would be you are really never ready for it! It was HARD.
We were told to run the hill 4-8 times. That is pretty wide open. I was set to do 6, but of course my competitive nature took right over and I had to do 8. I was totally spent at 4.5 though! I feel so good when it's over and done with. During I kind of feel like keeling over. For real. Hills are the worst/best thing in training. The good thing is that it makes the workout literally fly by. 8 hills came out to be about 2 miles total. Warm up and cool down were 1.5 miles each way. Not too many today, but that was not the point of today's workout. Hill sprints build leg strength and speed. Bring it!! I need that!!! I even stretched today after running. It was the peer pressure I tell yea! I don't mind stretching while gossiping. It's distracting. I might have stretched for a solid 10-12 minutes. YAY!
This morning I made it to the gym for my usual full body circuit. I might change this up this week or next for sure. It was fun while it lasted.
Core today was planks (3 sets) and some one legged roll ups (3 sets). They hurt.

Today was a good day!

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