Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wednesday and Thursday stuff.......

Well Wednesday was an off day. I know. I had a complete day or rest on Sunday!! Oh well. My kids were up all night Tuesday and early Wednesday morning. No sleep for anyone so I was a nice mommy and let my girl sleep in until almost 10am ( the start of my spin class) Thank goodness I found a sub at the LAST minute!! My kids always come first. They both had/have some weird hacking cough that naturally is worse at night! All the honey in the world was not going to "cure" them. They are both doing so much better now.

I was able to get to my 12 noon class though. I was not much of a good instructor I might admit...they seemed to get a good workout, but I felt off my usual game. I was sooo tired. I can work through it usually, but I was going on 3-4 not so good hours of sleep. Whew.

On to Thursday.

I am still behind in my sleep, but was able to make it to the gym this morning for weight training. Still doing the same circuit, but that will change next Tuesday. I think my training partner is ready to step up his game as well. It was a good one today. 4x10. No time for core today, but we did stretch for a good 8 minutes!

I also went back to the gym to do my speed workout on the good old treadmill. Today was a fartlek workout (Training in which the pace is varied from a fast sprint to slow jogging).

It's hard to pace on the treadmill, but I did most of them at 7.6 mph up to 8.2 mph. It was 2 minutes fast 2 minutes slow jogging. 8 times. Oh what fun! I attempted to go to my beloved kickboxing class right after. I snuck in the back and lasted about 8 minutes ( the warm up! So sad), but I listened to my body and it was in need of some nourishment. No need to be all crazy stupid in the name of extra cardio! And besides I am kicking the idea of getting my long run in tomorrow morning. Ugh. Long treadmill run by myself. I should get to be d now. 4:14 AM will be here soon.

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