Saturday, January 30, 2010


My legs are TIRED!! I made it to the 60 minute spin today. Before that started I did a quick warm up on the bike and then did about 10-15 minutes of core work ( go me!). I did some pilates roll ups, hip circles, leg lifts and plank holds. I did about 3 sets I think.
I also took my time getting into the spin ride today. I extended the warm up on my own to make sure I was actually ready! It was a good endurance ride, but I still took it down a notch. I was still a sweaty mess, but only half as usual.
I stretched for a good 10 minutes afterwards. It feels good to have it all done. It was 4* this morning and a windchill of something stupid. I am now feeling really good that I was unable to find a sitter so I could do the long run outside. Whew.
Tomorrow is my first race of the season! EEEEK!

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