Thursday, January 21, 2010


Today was full body circuits. It was the same workout as I posted Tuesday, but I did 3x12. I also changed up a few things.
Instead of a basic split squat I did alternating reverse lunges. Instead of a BB row, I did a DB row. And instead of standard dead lifts, I did a wide stance dead. Those small changes can make a big difference in how the muscles are "worked" and it just makes it more interesting I think! I have a workout buddy as well. He ( yes, I said he!) makes lifting a lot more fun and he pushes me to lift heavier when I normally might have chosen a lighter weight. It's the whole competitive side that I can't tame! He needs guidance and accountability and I need the consistency, so things are working out for both of us. We have been pretty consistent ( one time I skipped due to who knows what, but he said he still lifted) for about 5 weeks now. I hope we can keep at it!
After lifting we do about 15 minutes of core. Today that included hip circles, leg lifts,and cat and cows. I threw in some stretching and yoga at the end that he was not too sure about, but did it because I told him to! HA!
I did not really feel like or have enough time to do my cardio at this time.
The kids and i went back later and I was able to do my HILL workout on the treadmill. It was not at all like taking on Manhattan Hill last Tuesday, but I still did it. 10 times up .10 of a mile and then back "down". Ugh. It was good though. Ugh. That took me roughly 35 minutes including the warm up and cool down.
I was able to make it to my beloved kickboxing class. I had not been to this gym or this class since before Christmas. The instructor as well as many participants made a big deal about seeing me again! How nice to be missed. I am officially a gym rat! So funny. I think they missed my kids more though! It was a great workout and I am sure my back will be letting me know just how great in the morning! I think I will try and make it back to this class next week too. I miss it and the peeps!


Anonymous said...

You did ALL OF THAT in one day?? Oh my! I would be DEAD! I guess when I training I worked out like that no problem almost every day of the week. Now, heck no! Haha!

MarciaG said...

There were several hours and much FOOD (ha) in between the weights and cardio. It was not too bad..and the pizza after the run and cardio class was an excellent PWO choice! :)