Thursday, January 14, 2010

Spin sub and new circuit Thursday

I subbed a spin class this morning at 5:30 AM. It was hard to get up!!!
Class was really tough. I was told to teach a muscle endurance class. These type of classes are way hard!! you basically do not get a recovery at all. The point is to really tax your system and to keep your heart rate at a moderate pace. Sounds not too hard, but once you actually do it and do it correctly, you will see (feel) what I mean. The early morning bunch is a bit different than my mid morning gang. The morning people are actually morning people. They come in with coffee 20 minutes early and are very social at a time when I would rather not be. They motivate me! Lots of yelps from my front row girl. Lots of grunts from the dudes. At the end I even got a fist pump. It was funny.
A few hours later I headed back to the gym for my full body circuit. I changed things up a bit as my workout partner was getting bored! Here's what it looked like:
These were in supersetted groups.


Split Squat
Bent over rows

Incline chest press
Chin- ups

Dead lifts
Up right rows

I kind of skipped core today. I was not feeling it and I felt tired from my early morning as well as the weight workout. Even though I skipped that I felt today was a great day!

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