Monday, January 4, 2010

Sunday, Monday and Stuff!

Sunday~ OFF!!! I sure needed it too. The icy and snowy run really wrecked havoc on my legs!! I should have done some yoga/stretching, but I didn't.

Monday~ Today was Spin day. It was a true structured interval style class. It went over well with the participants I hope. Matt has made it to class the last six weeks I think. I think he actually enjoys it too...I think! He is doing great.
I am also back to teaching Totally Toned on Monday's/ I had a whopping 2 weeks off. It was good to be back. I think they missed me!

Stuff~ This will be the week that I will start to step up my running mileage. I will run more than once per week! I don't have a mileage goal in mind yet, but I will come up with something soon. My running club "kick-off" is this weekend. That means that we officially start on Saturday! We will be meeting on Tues/Thur and Saturdays now. I will only be able to make it on Tuesday's for the speed work as Matt plays b-ball on Thursday nights. I am fine with that though. I can get burned out on running very quickly.
My first race of the season will be in a relay. I will be running 5 miles in all on Jan. 31. I am kind of excited to try and run fast again. It's been a while.
I also plan on weight training twice a week, full body, most likely circuits. I will shoot for Sunday and Tuesday or Tuesday and Thursday depending on what kind of time I have. I will also be doing my cleanse again in a few weeks. I really liked it the first time around and will continue to do it every 90 days. It helps me to get rid of all the toxins I have inhaled during the past few weeks of the loooong holiday season. I am happy to say that when I first did the cleanse 90 days ago I dropped about 6.5 lbs. and have kept off 4 of those! I am happy with that..and my pants are still baggy! Ha ha! SO I am not going into the cleanse trying to lose any weight, ,sometimes it happens though and if it does, I won't be upset!


Krystal said...

I bet you were sore after running 10 miles in the cold on the snow and ice! i am still kind of stiff from running only two! i think i'm going to stick to the treadmill (hamster wheel) when the sidewalks aren't clear. Bo-ring!

Krystal said...

what kind of cleanse do you do again?

MarciaG said...

Hey Krys!
It's this one:

I am sure the horrid terrain had a lot to do with my soreness and stiffness!! I might try the treadmill tomorrow. Not 10 miles though..