Saturday, January 9, 2010


I took Friday off. It was kind of forced as my little boy was sick! He was up basically all night and I could not fathom getting up at 5 AM to exercise. Not happening! No big deal. I wanted to take Sunday off, but life happens!

On to Saturday. Today is the first official day of my running club workouts. It was also the kick-off to get new people to join. The plan was to meet at 7AM to get in 6 miles with my running buddies and them meet at 8 am and do an additional 4 with the whole group. That's what we did too. The first 6 miles were OK. It was pitch black for 75% of the run. We took on the big Fulton Street hill with a vengeance today too. It felt kind of good! After the first 6 miles we went inside to sit in on the run club meeting. I was freezing. My sweat was drying and I started to stiffen up too. 25 minutes later we were back at it. Getting started again pretty much sucked. The wind and cold sweat-- not a good mix! We pushed the pace for our normal leisurely run. I think we were just trying to get it over with! It was that bad! Not really. It felt good to go a bit faster than normal, ,and it was only 4 miles at this pace, not 10! It was not a race!!
After the run we went back inside for lots of goodies: cookies, brownies, scones, bagels, lots of fruits, hot cocoa and coffee! I sampled a bit of the sweet stuff and even had some fruit!
It looks like a great group of veterans and there were plenty of new comers as well.
I think this year will be a great one!

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Krystal said...

Hope Miles is feeling better!