Monday, January 25, 2010

I'm old...

Well I will do a short update of my runner party. I am officially OLD! I can't hang anymore. I don't normally drink more than 2 alcoholic beverages in a row on the same night.I would say I indulge no more than 5 times a year. Probably less. So anyway. Saturday night started off with a tequila shot before dinner. I am pretty sure I was buzzed within 6 minutes. At least the dinner was carb based. Lots of bread sticks, pasta and pizza! A few beers and one more shot later I was done. The good new is i am not an obnoxious or sloppy person when I drink and I did not get sick. The bad news is I am no good the day after. I felt fine when I woke up. It's the 1-2 hours upon rising that get me. I could have slept all day fo sho! That is impossible with a family that needs me to NOT be sleeping all day. Oh well. This is the reason I don't do the whole drinking thing more than a few times a year. The next time will probably be in May. To celebrate my birthday and the 25k..since IT WILL be the year I run it under 2 hours.

Oh, so Sunday was a day off! Haha!

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