Friday, April 30, 2010


I sat in a chair from 10am - 3:30pm.
My hair is now braided. It's been a while since I have worn this style. I missed it, but not the chair so much. After that I went straight to work. My fuel before class:
9am-- oatmeal and a few strawberries
12pm-- almonds, raisins and a few Kashi crackers
3:30pm-- apple and water.

class was at 4:15. Thought I might keel over myself. I was UNfueled. Duh. And dehydrated. Stupid hair.

So that's it for today. Although I am quiet sore from my Tuesday workout. I am guessing it's the Lat Pull Downs I did. I used a different grip for all 3 sets and am not hurting in 3 places instead of 1. Awesome.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Recaps galore!

I don't even know where to start!
Saturday~ 12 mile run in a place that has CRAZY rolling hills. The good news is..the biggest hill was inaccessible due to construction on the bridge you need to cross to get to the 1/2 mile hill. What a shame! My run was a nice and slow 9 minute average. Here are my stats:
I love my Garmin!
Sunday~ OFF
Monday~ Spin Race Day. I was a bit surprised by my calorie burn for this class. I expected it to be higher due to it being a Race Day and all. I am not questioning the accuracy of my awesome watch, just curious is all. ;-)
Totally Toned was at noon.

Tuesday~ Kickboxing! So glad to be back at this!
Very intense at some points-- 173 was my Heart Rate max-- she has us do 50 jumping jacks in between one of the songs and yours truly was The Counter! Such pressure!
After class I did a mini full body lift. 3x10
Plank Row
Lat pull down
**I skipped my 4 mile tempo run-more on this later! (news at 11)

Wednesday~ Spin. Endurance AKA: Fat Burner! I am not sure of my correct HR Zones yet..I keep forgetting to take my resting heart rate in the morning. But this class was kind of hard in a good way.
Totally Toned at noon.
I went for a little run later in the evening.
How tired of these links are you? Too bad!! haha! I am pretty much link crazy.
I have not had any significant breathing issues this week. A few minor ones that I worked through. I also have had 2 instances when my neck sort of tighten up for about 10 seconds. It's hard to explain, but it was weird. It did not hurt, but because of what is going on with me it was kind of scary. Oh, and very annoying.

**Soooo..I have yet to sign up for the 25k!!! I had a minor major pity party for myself all week long ( thank you Ben and Jerry for being such good friends to me--I can always count on you.). I am actually surprised at my feelings on this vocal cord fiasco. I did not know I would react this way. I have no idea what to do!!!
~Sign up for the race and just run it relaxed and not for time.
~Sign up for the race with my original goal and if I have a spastic vocal cord attack --umm give up and walk.
~Sign up for the 5k and run/walk it with Matt and Amara.
~ Don't sign up for anything and just cheer on my friends and teammates.
See?? I am in a pickle. yumm pickles..... Anyway- the race is 1 week from Saturday so I best figure out what the heck I am going to do. Any suggestions besides telling me to shut it?!?
I have some very exciting news. Well, I think it is. I found a road bike to borrow this duathlon season! Yahoo! I am to pick the bike up next week- looking forward to riding outside again!
I would like to end by saying that in light of my so called issues-it's really not that horrible.
I can run. I can walk. I have a roof over my head. I eat everyday. My family is healthy. My kids are happy. I don't have asthma.
The list goes on and on and on and on.
Life is good!

Friday, April 23, 2010

GPSless no more--and other things....

Sorry I did not post up yesterday. I must have been too busy...using my new Garmin!! Woohoo!!

I got it yesterday! Charged her ( she's grey/pink accents) up and went for a 2 mile run before teaching my class! Oh and it was a 8:09 minute pace too. I know this, because I have a GPS!! Yahoo!

So anyway....I taught my class after the short run!

In other news...I finally tracked down the doctor about my vocal Cord hoopla. My appointment is on May 20th...... great. That's only 12 days after the Big Show. What the heck?!! Now I am torn. Do I run this race for the fun of it or try to make a goal? I have never run a race strictly for fun-EVER! haha...but really- I don't think I can. I might try it this time though. I forgot to mention that during my run I had NO issues at all. They say this disorder can be brought on by stress--maybe I was stressed that I was GPSless for so long?!??!?!

Friday~ I lifted weights today. It was kind of a blah session for me. I am not sure why.

Shoulders and hamstrings:


Shoulder press
Dead lifts

Ball Ham curls
Front raises

This is all!
But I think I worked these muscle groups plenty in my class last night--lots o' lunges and upright rows etc.

Spin class...what a different experience with my heart rate monitor! I know I work hard, but I work harder with instant feedback. Whew! I have missed you Heart rate monitor- so glad you are back!
On the plan for Saturday...12 mile run in the hilliest place we run. I am to run the first 6 miles easy and the last 6 at race pace..what is my race pace anyway?!?! Oh boy.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tuesday and Wednesday Recap--runnin' and spinnin'

I met my girlfriend at the other YMCA to take a class together. My fave kickboxing class. I love this class!! It was great-the instructor did one of my most favorite routines to Lady Marmalade- the updated version with Lil' Kim and Christina Aguilera. Love it. Anyway.... I might be taking this class again every Tuesday again! Amara starts soccer next week so it just might work! YAY!
After class ( and before class, and at home) I lifted weights. Back and biceps. 3x8

Before class:
1 arm rows
preacher curl on the ball
After class:
Bent over flyes
hammer curls
At home:
Chin ups
3 sets of 5
I had to fit in my weight training when and where I could. I got it done!
Later on was running club. Although I still don't know how to breath...I attempted to run 4 miles at tempo speed. The warm up was about 18 minutes for 2 miles. I felt great at this pace. On to the tempo-- I think I did really well for the first 1.75 ish miles maybe more. I honestly do not know my pace-sometimes this is way better for ones ego! My vocal cords were kind of happy and then mad at me for the rest of the run. I did not walk though. I felt like it a few times, but I kept running. I was really glad to be done though. I am calling the doc today to see what the hold up is. my big race is approaching fast and I want to know the verdict!

Wednesday~ Spin day! Intervals again. It was a basic style with increasing resistance and length. After the warm up I had us do a standing jog, seated climb, flat road and finally a standing climb. The first set was 1 minute( ie: every move was 1 minute), second time around was 2 minutes and the 3rd time was 3 minutes. It went over well. I also busted out some very old spin cd's ( I have been teaching for about 8 years now) and was rockin' to John Cougar Mellencamp. Or whatever he is called nowadays! I love music so much-- I know my tastes are all over the place so my classes pretty much don't know what to expect from me. I saw a lot of lips singing though!
Totally Toned was at noon. Apparently, Monday's session was tough as a lot of the participants upper body was still sore.
That's all!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday! Boston! Garmin! YAY!

Monday~ It totally felt like a Monday too. Whatever that means!
Spin day today--intervals. We were all over the place today. Organized chaos I like to call it. It worked well though-I think. I had only 1 bike left open-yay! That's a hard feat for the time of day I teach in such awesome weather. I had about 4 new peeps too. Love the newbies! They actually said they liked it and would be back again on Wednesday--we shall see though!
I know I am always talking about how helpful a heart rate monitor is for Spin--because it is!! I really could have used it today as I have no idea how hard I am really working. I cannot wait until I get my new Garmin 110- oh did I not spill the beans yet?? I am getting it FOR SURE! My runner friend let me know on Saturday that she got it at the Boston Marathon Expo! YAY! She ran Boston today ( lucky duck) and had a GREAT experience. It was her slowest marathon ever and the most painful. "How could it be a great experience then", you ask?? Her whole family made the trip. 5 kids and her hubby were there to cheer her on. Her older kids ran the 5k the day before too and did AWESOME!! What a great thing to share with your family!

Totally Toned was at noon and we did some circuit training- I think they liked it.
I hope to lift tomorrow at some point. not sure if it will work though. I am hoping to get to a kickboxing class in the AM. Yep, The cardio kickboxing class that I was addicted to before Amara was in school. Oh, how I have missed it. If I make it, I am going to be so so so so sore. It happens every time. Love it. I am bringing a friend so she can experience the pain pleasure as well.
I am also going to attempt to run a 5 mile tempo later on-- I hope my vocal cords approve!! Wish me luck!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Friday and Saturday recap

Friday~ Early morning spin was a good class. I did not have any breathing issues-BONUS!
After spin I was able to lift legs-Quads to be specific. They were actually still a bit sore from the week too. I did 4x10:
Leg Press
Split Squats
Leg Ext
That is all. I planned on squatting in the rack, but gossiping time took me away from that. Maybe next time. I also want to add that my triceps are still on fire from whenever the heck I did chest and triceps...Thursday maybe?? It's Sunday. I get it. Stop being sore. You know I love it. Whateva.

Saturday~ 16 miler in the books. It was a GORGEOUS morning for a run. I was really happy with how my run went. It was around a 9 minute mile pace. I felt that I most certainly could have stepped it up a bit and gone faster, but my running buddy was a having some issues. I am sure it was a blessing in disguise though. I did not want to get all cocky and then have problems breathing. We talked practically the whole 16 miles. It was a friend of a friend that I did not really know that well.... so now we know each other better. I love making new friends!
This will be the last 16 miler before the Big Show (25k). I am still not sure if I am going to do the Big Show yet. I want to see my speech pathologist first and get an idea of how realistic that would be for me and my goals. I hope they call me soon!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Is It Friday Yet!?!?!

I am exhausted today. Totally pooped. Miles was up a few times last night. He has some weird cough, nasal drippage going on. Poor guy. I am dragging today. But, alas-- we were able to get to the gym on this 80* day! It was in the low 60's by 9am and my poor kids had coats on! Ooops! I let them leave the coats in the car though. It was warm.
At the gym I did a quick 3 x 10- chest and triceps circuit:
Chest Press
Tri Dips
Push ups
Tri Press
Chest Flye
Lying Triceps Ext.
1 minute break and repeat.
Um yea. This hurt me. It hurt me soo good!
I almost did 4 sets, but chickened out since my poor arms were shakin' by set 2!
I know time off from lifting is good for me, but it sure stinks trying to get back in the swing of things! The good thing is though, that I took enough time off so I actually MISS lifting weights. YAY!
I also attempted to run on the treadmill today.
I did some sort of speed work. 400 repeats with an equal time rest. I may have done 8. I stopped counting after 4. My goal was 5 but I know I did more!
My breathing was so-so. I attempted to use my own breathing techniques to get through it. I won't say it worked (cuz I have NO idea what I was doing), but I pushed through and ran almost 5 miles when I was done with the intervals and warm up and cool down. That lifted my spirits a bit!
Later on I taught 3*2*1. I counted this as my core work for today. It was all standing ab work for total of 6 minutes. I did not add any plyometrics to my workout today-maybe tomorrow after spin class.....maybe.
Friday I am going shopping my girl Mary! Wooot! I better go to bed now so it's Friday sooner.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The VIRUS is gone and other STUFF!

My computer had a virus! Now it's gone. Whew! Life is hard without a computer. I am so happy I GET to use a computer!!!
I don't even know where to begin. I will make the recaps short.

Saturday~ 14 miler. I made a wrong turn-I was supposed to run 12! It was a hilly run. I walked up some of them with a fellow runner-she was getting over a cold. I was having trouble breathing too. All is good though. I was able to run!

Sunday~ OFF.
Monday~ Spin and Totally Toned. I also lifted weights -hamstrings and shoulders. 4x10. 3 super sets = pain. Love it.

Tuesday~ I took the day off. I had my allergy appointment. To make a long story short: I do not have severe asthma. I like to be I have a weird vocal cord(s) that does not want to relax and cause me trouble. Awesome. On to the speech pathologist I go. Awesome.

Wednesday~ Spin at 10am. Totally Toned at 12 noon. Spin at 4:30pm. It was just one of those days. In my head I was not "making up" for not working out on Tuesday. Really. I just needed to workout for my mind. It was a good class too!

I think I am all caught up now.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Feeling Lucky?

I am not sure if any of you have noticed that I have been ending some of my posts with I get to run. Here's why:

Feeling Lucky?
If you view your run as an opportunity, your attitude will get an adjustment.
By: Kristin Armstrong

I don't know about you, but my to-do list often rivals the length of my Target receipt. I have activities mapped out from the time my alarm sounds: Down coffee, run, pack lunches, herd kids to school, walk the dog, write and be creative on command, drink more coffee, squeeze in yoga?, prep dinner, drive kids to activities, return to nest, cook, help with homework, eat, wash dishes, oversee hygiene, read stories, give tickles, say prayers, collapse (them, me). Repeat.When I have a race on the calendar, I sprinkle in long runs and speedwork. By then my to-do list starts to look like a complicated recipe, my day broken down into 1/2 cups, 1/4 cups, tablespoons and teaspoons. Sometimes I can feel the weight of my responsibilities pressing down on me, the way the X-ray apron rests heavy on my chest at the dentist.

I felt this way during a recent hard workout. I was chugging up a hill saying to myself, I have to get up this hill. I have to finish this workout. And then all of a sudden, a few people came to mind, some sick, others struggling, and I thought about how much they would love to have the opportunity to tackle this hill. I bet they wouldn't think they had to. In the clarity of thinking that comes with adversity, they would likely say they got to run up this hill. I wondered what might happen if I started to think that way.

I decided to try it. Instead of thinking or saying, I have to finish this project or I have to pick up my kids, I stopped myself and tweaked my language: I get to work on this assignment. I get to pick up children from school. I get to help them with homework. I get to buy groceries and make dinner for my family. I get to do speedwork. I get to take Luke to football practice. I get to go on a long run. I get to bring cupcakes to Grace's class. I get to fold clean clothes for my children. I get to listen to Bella sing in choir. I get to run this 5-K, 10-K, half marathon, marathon ...

At first it felt forced and silly, but after a few days, it became natural. I felt freer, more thoughtful, and more aware of why I do what I do. Perhaps I had become so encumbered with my to-dos that I forgot to be thankful for the opportunity to do them. I realized that it's possible to have a reawakening about the beauty in our lives, to understand that we are so damn lucky to be healthy, to have people to love and the ability to care for them.

Since then, I've shared the idea and gotten inspiring feedback. A friend told me she felt more joy while taking care of her kids. Another told me her running group spoke in I get to language for an entire run. A woman and her friends wore "I Get To Run" T-shirts on race day. A woman running the Turkey Trot in Santa Barbara on Thanksgiving morning came up to me and said, "What a beautiful day. Aren't we lucky we get to run?"Gratitude is contagious. It's the smallest thing, but it has the power of something big. It's a shift in perspective that can open your head and your heart. And if you want, you get to try it.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Lots of days to recap--short but sweet!

Wednesday~ I think all I did was Spin today. Interval style class.....
Totally Toned was at noon. My shoulder is still all whacked out.

Thursday~ I went back to my roots! No, I did not let my natural blond shine. I went to the gym for a full cardio session. Elliptical for 30 minutes and the dreaded step-mill that I looove to hate for 15 minutes.
Later on I taught 3-2-1. I toyed with the idea of going for a run, but our crazy windy weather nixed that idea fast.

Friday~ Spin and Totally Toned again! After Spinning today I decided to lift some weights. It's been a while. I am going to try a 5 day split and see how that goes for me. Today was biceps and back. I did super sets of:

Bicep Curls
1 arm row
with 30 seconds rest for 3 sets

Chin ups
Alt. hammer curls

Preacher curls on ball

My plan is to also add some plyometrics and core in when I can. So hopefully that equates to a few times a week!
I can say that my biceps are pretty fatigued already. Love. It.
I hope I am saying this tomorrow while running....Yay-I get to run!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Suck it up, Princess!

I have seen that saying somewhere and it seems fitting for me these days. Even though I am the furthest thing from being a princess. Anyway I had a venting session with a girlfriend about my breathing troubles etc. I have to look at the bright side of things. I am able to go to the doctor next Tuesday because my husband has a job that provides us with health insurance. With that being said, I just need to suck it up an find out what the next step to take is and then take it.
Moving on...
Tuesday is my day to do what I want + running club. I skipped running club and attempted my own version.
10 minutes on the elliptical today and then got on the treadmill. I did a 2 mile tempo-ish run with breathing gasping walk 2 breaks. I was sure to do my 30 second walk breaks on an incline! My breathing was not so hot. I thought I would try it indoors instead of outdoors with the club. Although they are doing a 6 mile tempo run tonight, I am totally ok with my 2! Mostly.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Madness!!

The basketball game is on, so I am on the computer! I am not a big sports fan ( I like to watch the Olympics only!), but I am rooting for Duke! I am rooting for them because growing up my brothers hated Duke--so it was my duty as the baby and only girl in the family to go for Duke!
Matt is not a big fan of them either so at least I am not a fair weather fan......
Anyhow--- Today was spin day. I choose to do an endurance class for all my spinners with heart rate monitors ( this would not include myself-YET!) The goal of the class is to keep your heart rate between 65-75% of your max heart rate. They also call this class a fat burner! That makes it more popular because it's pretty tough if done correctly. A few of the people came up to me after class to say just that! It was difficult to not let their heart rates creep up past 75% when I instructed them to add more resistance or pick up the pace. A lot of it has to do with breathing, fitness level and just over all experience. It's fun though--I swear. A lot of them want me to do an endurance class again now that they will know what to expect.
Totally Toned was at noon. Today was all core on the floor. I had it in my head that I was going to do the entire class with the class today, but 1 to 2 times a year my right shoulder gives me grief and I guess it's about that time. I did some planks and shoulder presses in class and that was about it. Dang it. I am not sure what the deal with it is, but it happens sometimes. It's actually sore near the bone--I should probably have it looked at, but we all know I am not going to do that.
That was my Monday!

Boston Marathon on my mind.......

The Boston Marathon that I will not be running on the 19th of this month has been on my mind lately. I am completely over the fact that I will not be there. Really, I am! I have been for a long time now. There are quite a few people from my running club that will be there and I am totally excited for them. I am probably more bummed that I can't make the trip to root them on, more than the fact that I won't be running the actual race! (2011 baby!)
One good thing about not running the race is that I (most likely) have asthma( if you have not heard!). It's not completely under control yet. I can only imagine what some of my 16+ training miles would have felt like these past months. Probably not so good!
Another good thing is that I am not really a fan of running marathons so my longest run this year will be 16 miles--which I already did!
The one thing I am most excited about is the possibility ( oh I hope it all works out!!!!) of getting a new GPS that is debuting at the Boston Marathon. I have connections. Ha. It's the Garmin Forerunner110. You can't even buy it yet. I had my heart set on the Garmin Forerunner 405cx for over a year now and was actually going to get it very,very soon ( taxes were finally done on Saturday!) But things have changed. I even surprised myself with the change of mind. The 110 model is won't be a big computer on my wrist! It has less functions then the 405cx, but it has all I need and want really. GPS for running and the heart rate monitor for spinning ( and running and elliptical and living--I love HRMs!). And it's over $100 cheaper! I hope my friend that is buying it for me is able to get it; I have a feeling it will be a hot commodity-being that nobody else can get it until May(suckas!) I hope to get the grey and pink one too. My last GPS was basic black so it's time to add some color! So please...say a little prayer at night that I get this! (only half joking here.)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

4 Days of recaps.

Thursday~ I actually forgot to update my Thursday when I was updating the previous days ( on Thursday) D'OH!
Thursday I went to the gym ( without puffing on my inhaler- it was a brain-fart) and did the elliptical for 30 minutes and that was it. My breathing was OK. It was a bit labored, but nothing to be afraid of. I then taught 3*2*1 a few hours later. I could totally feel my lungs during class. My lungs were not happy with me, but at least the cardio segments were only 3 minutes long at a time. Ugh.
Friday.~ I taught spinning in the early morning and could feel my lungs sucking in air HARD. Ugh. After class I did some core and plyometrics. I felt fine during this.
Saturday~ OFF! We were out of town and I had every intention of taking a walk before breakfast--nope. Oh well. A day off was needed.
Sunday~ 16 miles!! I did the first 6 with 2 friends from my running group. Thank goodness....16 miles would be pretty tough to do by myself. We hoofed those miles in about an 8:40 minute mile average. They both were coming off of running 10 miles the previous day at about an 8 minute mile pace so they were kind of tired! The next 10 I did by myself at about the same pace or a bit slower. I had a few bouts of tightness in my lungs but nothing major. I also had my rescue inhaler on me just in case. I was super excited that my old Polar GPS did not cut off and my iPod stayed on! Woohoo!
The weather was beautiful which is why my asthma was probably acting up! Lots of new growth and wonderful allergy/asthma inducing stuff! Love it though.
I pretty much feel like garbage now. It might be all the goodies I inhaled ate on Saturday at a family Easter gathering. So much yumminess! Time to get it back together.....(tomorrow)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Who needs to breath anyway?? This chick.

Tuesday~I went to the gym and did the elliptical for about 20 minutes I think...I can't remember! (it's been a long week...)
I later went to running club and was prepared and mildly excited to run some 800's! The weather was too good to be true. It was in the 70's--aaaahh!!
I did the regular warm up which consists of a 2 mile easy paced run-it's slightly uphill ( of course!). I felt my lungs collapsing constricting at the top of the hill. I thought this to be normal right?!? I did just crest a nice sized hill at an 8:10 (ooops) pace right?!? RIGHT?!?! So we turned around to complete the rest of the warm up and when I stopped and recovered I could still "feel it" in my chest. Fab. I tried not to worry because I know that I medicated myself correctly (Singular and Advair to the rescue). I still decided to use my emergency inhaler ( Abuterol) before starting the 800's. I got my 2 puffs of that and went into the first 800 rearing to go! I ran it at 3:20 something I think. This was about 10-11 seconds too fast according to my pace. And it was about 3 minutes too fast according to my asthma! Oh boy. I could not breath at the end. As I "recovered" my breathing got worse- I walked a lap but that did not help at all. I decided to be done for the night. I hung out on the track with my wheezy self and cheered for my non-wheezing team. I was also hanging out to make sure I did not pass out or anything. I also hung out because Tuesday is MY TIME and I was not ready to go home to my kids and Matt (whom I love with all by heart by the way!).
So that was my Tuesday. I am very frustrated by all of this of course. I am going to see the allergist on the 13th for a 2 hour appointment. I think I will get the lovely skin prick test. Super fun! I am supposed to attempt 16 miles on my own on Sunday. I will try. I won't die trying so don't worry. :)

Wednesday- Thanks for reading about today if you actually made it through Tuesday's blabbering.
Spin today. I did a nice, but challenging interval loop. Plenty of hills with short segments of pure speed and endurance. Lots of hootin' and hollerin' going on! The class was not very full. I hope due in part to the almost 80 degree weather we had. Nice.
Totally Toned was 2 hours later. I can't remember what I did, but the girls came back today saying their abs were mighty sore. Mission Accomplished.