Friday, April 9, 2010

Lots of days to recap--short but sweet!

Wednesday~ I think all I did was Spin today. Interval style class.....
Totally Toned was at noon. My shoulder is still all whacked out.

Thursday~ I went back to my roots! No, I did not let my natural blond shine. I went to the gym for a full cardio session. Elliptical for 30 minutes and the dreaded step-mill that I looove to hate for 15 minutes.
Later on I taught 3-2-1. I toyed with the idea of going for a run, but our crazy windy weather nixed that idea fast.

Friday~ Spin and Totally Toned again! After Spinning today I decided to lift some weights. It's been a while. I am going to try a 5 day split and see how that goes for me. Today was biceps and back. I did super sets of:

Bicep Curls
1 arm row
with 30 seconds rest for 3 sets

Chin ups
Alt. hammer curls

Preacher curls on ball

My plan is to also add some plyometrics and core in when I can. So hopefully that equates to a few times a week!
I can say that my biceps are pretty fatigued already. Love. It.
I hope I am saying this tomorrow while running....Yay-I get to run!

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