Thursday, April 1, 2010

Who needs to breath anyway?? This chick.

Tuesday~I went to the gym and did the elliptical for about 20 minutes I think...I can't remember! (it's been a long week...)
I later went to running club and was prepared and mildly excited to run some 800's! The weather was too good to be true. It was in the 70's--aaaahh!!
I did the regular warm up which consists of a 2 mile easy paced run-it's slightly uphill ( of course!). I felt my lungs collapsing constricting at the top of the hill. I thought this to be normal right?!? I did just crest a nice sized hill at an 8:10 (ooops) pace right?!? RIGHT?!?! So we turned around to complete the rest of the warm up and when I stopped and recovered I could still "feel it" in my chest. Fab. I tried not to worry because I know that I medicated myself correctly (Singular and Advair to the rescue). I still decided to use my emergency inhaler ( Abuterol) before starting the 800's. I got my 2 puffs of that and went into the first 800 rearing to go! I ran it at 3:20 something I think. This was about 10-11 seconds too fast according to my pace. And it was about 3 minutes too fast according to my asthma! Oh boy. I could not breath at the end. As I "recovered" my breathing got worse- I walked a lap but that did not help at all. I decided to be done for the night. I hung out on the track with my wheezy self and cheered for my non-wheezing team. I was also hanging out to make sure I did not pass out or anything. I also hung out because Tuesday is MY TIME and I was not ready to go home to my kids and Matt (whom I love with all by heart by the way!).
So that was my Tuesday. I am very frustrated by all of this of course. I am going to see the allergist on the 13th for a 2 hour appointment. I think I will get the lovely skin prick test. Super fun! I am supposed to attempt 16 miles on my own on Sunday. I will try. I won't die trying so don't worry. :)

Wednesday- Thanks for reading about today if you actually made it through Tuesday's blabbering.
Spin today. I did a nice, but challenging interval loop. Plenty of hills with short segments of pure speed and endurance. Lots of hootin' and hollerin' going on! The class was not very full. I hope due in part to the almost 80 degree weather we had. Nice.
Totally Toned was 2 hours later. I can't remember what I did, but the girls came back today saying their abs were mighty sore. Mission Accomplished.

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