Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday! Boston! Garmin! YAY!

Monday~ It totally felt like a Monday too. Whatever that means!
Spin day today--intervals. We were all over the place today. Organized chaos I like to call it. It worked well though-I think. I had only 1 bike left open-yay! That's a hard feat for the time of day I teach in such awesome weather. I had about 4 new peeps too. Love the newbies! They actually said they liked it and would be back again on Wednesday--we shall see though!
I know I am always talking about how helpful a heart rate monitor is for Spin--because it is!! I really could have used it today as I have no idea how hard I am really working. I cannot wait until I get my new Garmin 110- oh did I not spill the beans yet?? I am getting it FOR SURE! My runner friend let me know on Saturday that she got it at the Boston Marathon Expo! YAY! She ran Boston today ( lucky duck) and had a GREAT experience. It was her slowest marathon ever and the most painful. "How could it be a great experience then", you ask?? Her whole family made the trip. 5 kids and her hubby were there to cheer her on. Her older kids ran the 5k the day before too and did AWESOME!! What a great thing to share with your family!

Totally Toned was at noon and we did some circuit training- I think they liked it.
I hope to lift tomorrow at some point. not sure if it will work though. I am hoping to get to a kickboxing class in the AM. Yep, The cardio kickboxing class that I was addicted to before Amara was in school. Oh, how I have missed it. If I make it, I am going to be so so so so sore. It happens every time. Love it. I am bringing a friend so she can experience the pain pleasure as well.
I am also going to attempt to run a 5 mile tempo later on-- I hope my vocal cords approve!! Wish me luck!!

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