Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Recaps galore!

I don't even know where to start!
Saturday~ 12 mile run in a place that has CRAZY rolling hills. The good news is..the biggest hill was inaccessible due to construction on the bridge you need to cross to get to the 1/2 mile hill. What a shame! My run was a nice and slow 9 minute average. Here are my stats:
I love my Garmin!
Sunday~ OFF
Monday~ Spin Race Day. I was a bit surprised by my calorie burn for this class. I expected it to be higher due to it being a Race Day and all. I am not questioning the accuracy of my awesome watch, just curious is all. ;-)
Totally Toned was at noon.

Tuesday~ Kickboxing! So glad to be back at this!
Very intense at some points-- 173 was my Heart Rate max-- she has us do 50 jumping jacks in between one of the songs and yours truly was The Counter! Such pressure!
After class I did a mini full body lift. 3x10
Plank Row
Lat pull down
**I skipped my 4 mile tempo run-more on this later! (news at 11)

Wednesday~ Spin. Endurance AKA: Fat Burner! I am not sure of my correct HR Zones yet..I keep forgetting to take my resting heart rate in the morning. But this class was kind of hard in a good way.
Totally Toned at noon.
I went for a little run later in the evening.
How tired of these links are you? Too bad!! haha! I am pretty much link crazy.
I have not had any significant breathing issues this week. A few minor ones that I worked through. I also have had 2 instances when my neck sort of tighten up for about 10 seconds. It's hard to explain, but it was weird. It did not hurt, but because of what is going on with me it was kind of scary. Oh, and very annoying.

**Soooo..I have yet to sign up for the 25k!!! I had a minor major pity party for myself all week long ( thank you Ben and Jerry for being such good friends to me--I can always count on you.). I am actually surprised at my feelings on this vocal cord fiasco. I did not know I would react this way. I have no idea what to do!!!
~Sign up for the race and just run it relaxed and not for time.
~Sign up for the race with my original goal and if I have a spastic vocal cord attack --umm give up and walk.
~Sign up for the 5k and run/walk it with Matt and Amara.
~ Don't sign up for anything and just cheer on my friends and teammates.
See?? I am in a pickle. yumm pickles..... Anyway- the race is 1 week from Saturday so I best figure out what the heck I am going to do. Any suggestions besides telling me to shut it?!?
I have some very exciting news. Well, I think it is. I found a road bike to borrow this duathlon season! Yahoo! I am to pick the bike up next week- looking forward to riding outside again!
I would like to end by saying that in light of my so called issues-it's really not that horrible.
I can run. I can walk. I have a roof over my head. I eat everyday. My family is healthy. My kids are happy. I don't have asthma.
The list goes on and on and on and on.
Life is good!

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