Friday, April 23, 2010

GPSless no more--and other things....

Sorry I did not post up yesterday. I must have been too busy...using my new Garmin!! Woohoo!!

I got it yesterday! Charged her ( she's grey/pink accents) up and went for a 2 mile run before teaching my class! Oh and it was a 8:09 minute pace too. I know this, because I have a GPS!! Yahoo!

So anyway....I taught my class after the short run!

In other news...I finally tracked down the doctor about my vocal Cord hoopla. My appointment is on May 20th...... great. That's only 12 days after the Big Show. What the heck?!! Now I am torn. Do I run this race for the fun of it or try to make a goal? I have never run a race strictly for fun-EVER! haha...but really- I don't think I can. I might try it this time though. I forgot to mention that during my run I had NO issues at all. They say this disorder can be brought on by stress--maybe I was stressed that I was GPSless for so long?!??!?!

Friday~ I lifted weights today. It was kind of a blah session for me. I am not sure why.

Shoulders and hamstrings:


Shoulder press
Dead lifts

Ball Ham curls
Front raises

This is all!
But I think I worked these muscle groups plenty in my class last night--lots o' lunges and upright rows etc.

Spin class...what a different experience with my heart rate monitor! I know I work hard, but I work harder with instant feedback. Whew! I have missed you Heart rate monitor- so glad you are back!
On the plan for Saturday...12 mile run in the hilliest place we run. I am to run the first 6 miles easy and the last 6 at race pace..what is my race pace anyway?!?! Oh boy.

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