Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The VIRUS is gone and other STUFF!

My computer had a virus! Now it's gone. Whew! Life is hard without a computer. I am so happy I GET to use a computer!!!
I don't even know where to begin. I will make the recaps short.

Saturday~ 14 miler. I made a wrong turn-I was supposed to run 12! It was a hilly run. I walked up some of them with a fellow runner-she was getting over a cold. I was having trouble breathing too. All is good though. I was able to run!

Sunday~ OFF.
Monday~ Spin and Totally Toned. I also lifted weights -hamstrings and shoulders. 4x10. 3 super sets = pain. Love it.

Tuesday~ I took the day off. I had my allergy appointment. To make a long story short: I do not have severe asthma. I like to be I have a weird vocal cord(s) that does not want to relax and cause me trouble. Awesome. On to the speech pathologist I go. Awesome.

Wednesday~ Spin at 10am. Totally Toned at 12 noon. Spin at 4:30pm. It was just one of those days. In my head I was not "making up" for not working out on Tuesday. Really. I just needed to workout for my mind. It was a good class too!

I think I am all caught up now.

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