Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday Madness

Today was Race Day in Spin class. I think I should do one at the end of the month from now on...maybe. It went over really well too. It was a packed class with people waiting to get's that time of year! All the folks are coming in from the cold and into the classes now. Fine by me...these people motivate me to put on a good "show"
Totally Toned was in the afternoon. It went well too. I had a great idea of heading back tothe gym to do lower body. Well I got to the gym and sat down on the comfy couches and just sat. For about an hour. Not working out. HA!!
It was fine though. For one I was sore from Sunday. Not only my upper body, but I remembered I added the plyometrics to the end. Duh. Oh, and I just did a race day in Spin class in the morning. Not sure what I was thinking, but I had to stay. I had just dropped the kids off to play in the kid area and could not show up 15 minutes later to take them home. No way. It was nice to put my feet up, head phones in and cell phone in hand to text away and people watch. And oh the people that passed by........ that's a whole other blog entry!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday..let the new schedule begin!

I started my new schedule today. I plan on hitting upper body 2 days a week and lower 1 day a week and then next week will be the opposite...lower 2x and upper 1x. We will see how that goes. I think I will like it and it should go by faster than my usual full body.
I also plan on doing a quick core workout and plyos at the end. I am pretty sore from the hills and mileage of yesterday. I knew I would be though. Yipee! I might be getting exited for the official running season to start up again (Jan. 2010). I hope to set some big PR's this season.......I don't like to say that out loud. Shhhhhh!

So today looked like this:
3x10 with 45 second rest in between sets.

lat pull down ( 75#)
Shoulder press ( 15#)
push ups
Up right rows ( 30 and 40# BB)
Triceps Bench Dips
1-arm rows (25#)

Jump squats - 15
Lunge jumps 10/leg
Jump squats- 15

Plank holds 3x30 seconds

Elliptical for 25 minutes. I kept my HR was under 155 the whole time. I have a race day spin class planned for tomorrow so I tried to be smart and not to push my limits today.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday Long Run and birth stories...

I am not sure if I missed running or not, or taught one too many Spin classes this week! Either way, I choose running over Spin today.
We ran 10 miles. 10 hilly miles I might add. Our pace was just over 9 minutes. Totally fine with that. It's usually slower than that! ha.... but as I always say this is a not a race. I don't see the need to do super fast miles for my long runs. I save my 7 minute miles for race day. Sometimes I like to go hard or faster for my long runs..but not often! Maybe if somebody was paying me to run.... was pretty chilly out this morning. A brisk 29 degrees when we started. So naturally my hands were frozen solid by mile 4. Love that. Ouch. I could barely move my hands to hold my cup of Gatorade. Can't wait until it's actually COLD out. I ordered new gloves that are supposedly the best of the best, but we will see. People are always recommend gloves for me, but they have NO IDEA.

The 10 miles was good though. I met a new friend and ran with people that I know, but don't normally run with so it was good to talk to "new" people. Somehow we got on the subject of childbirth and exercising while pregnant etc. So of course I had to retell my trauma/drama of Miles ( remember? He was a few oz. shy of 11 lbs. for a non c section birth). Most of the girls listening were young with no kids. I think I scared them. They cannot understand how someone so fit and little ( their words, NOT mine), could get so huge and have a huge baby. I told them to believe it! What they really can't believe is that I would do it all over again in a heartbeat and want to! I ain't scared!!'s always a fun story to share with unsuspecting people. I only tell that story when asked--usually! This made the last 3 miles of hills go by fast since I was doing most of the talking for once. I think my hands even thawed out naturally too. It was a great day for a run!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday Happy Hour Spin

I slept in until 9am today!! Not sure the last time that happened. It may have been the food induced food coma I had...maybe?!?!
I knew I was to teach Spin later in the day, but thought i might get to the gym for some weights. Did not happen.
I was still not feeling the want to workout later either. I had to though, because it's my job.
The class was a bit more than half full with a lot of new faces. I felt I was kind of tuned out for the first 10 minutes or so, but then I found my groove and it turned out to be a great session. WHEW. It was just what I needed.
Short and sweet cardio day.
Guess what? I am running tomorrow morning!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thursday Power Spin + Wish List Wendesday (a day late)

I was up and at the gym by 5 AM for the power spin. People were there before 5 AM to ensure they were able to get a bike. Man, it must have sucked for most of them as they did not get a bike. I got mine!! Sorry people. I am here for the same reason you are too.


The class was speed drills. Kind of a love to hate kind of class. Super duper calorie burn for the impending pies and sides of the day, but it's also great for the sport of cycling. It was a great lactic acid inducer as well as leg endurance. Whew. It was rough at times. I borrowed a heart rate monitor again. I miss mine. It's busted! My HR got as high as 178 at times and when I was not working that was only at 154. Yea, so it was a great class for my heart as well!

We started off with 1 minute long semi " sprints" with a 30 second recovery..oh- we did 15 of those. UGH! Loved it though. I really pushed myself this morning and am glad I did. Not because I am afraid of Thanksgiving dinner and treats..that's lame. Eat and be thankful for goodness sake! After the sprints we had a nice gradual hill for 5 minutes and then it was off for more fun. Hill sprints, endurance runs, add the resistance etc. You name it we did it. The music was great which is so important.
I never added a wish list Wednesday so there it is! The Polar F 11. I loved having my HR monitor. I was sad when it busted! I love having immediate feedback. I think I get a little obsessive with it at times, but that's just how I operate. This watch is simple enough that I figured out how it works without the silly 10 page directions that make it more confusing if you ask me. You just plug in all your info and it's ready to go! It shows HR numbers or percentage, calories burned and tons more stuff that I might not ever use, but would try! I even like it in the Pink Fizz color. My last monitor was blue and gray and my GPS crappy watch now is black. I think it's time to add more pizazz to my accessories......

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!
I had to go back into the archives for some of these! It's so funny to look back in time over that past few years through pictures! My kids were so small!! Matt and I looked so tired and young! Ha!
I threw the Figure Comp. picture in there because it was 5 days before Thanksgiving and probably oooh 6 days before I became pregnant with Miles!
I am thankful for my health and the health of my family! Do not ever take it for granted.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tired.....but got it done!

Well I was still tired from last night's Race Day spin class.
I went to the gym with good intentions though.
I did a 5 minute warm up on the treadmill and then started with weights.
Unassisted pull ups 2x5
All machines next (yuck)
shoulder press
lat pull down
chest press
DB triceps ext.

I then went and did 5 minutes on the elliptical. Very fast paced with a decent amount of resistance. Lower body weights followed.

Barbell squats 125# today! 4x8
DB. Alt. Fwd Lunges 2x8 ( 25# each hand)
SLDL 2x8 ( 25# each)

I ended with 10 minutes on the elliptical at a fast pace.
I planned on going back to the gym to run a few miles, but then changed my mind. I am so out of running mode for some reason. No turkey trot for me either. I will be up and at it for the 5:30 AM power hour long spin though!

I am not sure if I mentioned that after I taught my class on Monday my clip-in shoes got stuck in the clips! Both of them! It was really funny. I need new screws or something in my shoes. lots tomorrow. I know I am!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Late start....

Today was a weird day. Well not really. I did not make it to he gym until after 5pm.
Miles decided to take at least 60 minutes to eat half a waffle and 4 orange segments this morning and I was not going to give in. I am a Taurus. I am bull. Hear me roar. So I missed out on the class that I wanted to take. Oh well. There was a 5:30 pm spin class that I decided to take. It was with a great instructor and guess what? It was a Race Day. OY! It was a very simple format ( pretty sure I will use it for my Monday Race Day). It was really fun and challenging and all that good stuff. I actually had it in my head that I might tack on another 15 minutes of cardio. Ha. Nope. I was out of there with the quickness. That's how a race day should make you feel. As if you just participated in a race( hence the name!)
If I would have had anything left, then shame on me for slacking during class!
I had plans to spin in the morning, but I am not so sure i will even be recovered by then. We shall see. I must go drink some water since I left most of my bodily fluids under my bike. It was a hot one.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday Madness

Spin class was packed today. The big industrial fan is still busted. It was mighty hot in the room today. It had to be the day I decided to do some crazy speed drills too. I think the class enjoyed the ride....clapping and good comments after class is usually a good sign.
I planned on going back to the gym to lift weights. I did just that. It was not my normal full body routine by any stretch of the imagination either. that's ok though...I did a small circuit using some weight machines ( which I hate!). But I know it is good for me to change things up and I will probably be sore tomorrow due to the change so I will welcome that. I feel I push harder and get a more balanced workout when using dumbbells and barbells. Might be a myth, but I like how it sounds!

My first circuit was:
Lat pull downs
push ups
DB shoulder press
Bicep curls

My second circuit was:
Alternating Fwd. lunges on the BOSU
Leg Ext.
Lying ham curl
Squats on BOSU

That's it!
It went by so fast too....I might do another one like this later in the week and then come up with a new full body routine to start after Thanksgiving.

After that I hopped on the elliptical for no particular reason other than to read Fit Pregnancy ( probably started some rumors tonight) and to listen to my music.
So that's what I did for a quick 20 minute stint on the thing.
I need to stretch and do yoga. I have REALLY slacked on this one.
New Year's Resolution maybe??? I can start it early.....

Sunday Slacker....

I took Sunday off completely. Not by choice, but life happens ya know?!?
The GOOD news is I spent some time with my newest niece Sophie!! I love me some babies!!
She is soo cute and tiny and perfect.
Time off is good especially when you are doing something like spending time with family.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Friday and Saturday recap

Friday- It started off great. I got up nice and early and made it to the gym. 1 mile warm up on the recumbent bike. Hit the weights hard for a full body. I was only able to eek out 1x3 of unassisted pull ups and 1x4.5. Poop! I tried too. Oh well....I will get there. My goal is 3x5 by year's end.
I ended with 15 minutes on the step-mill and then called it a day.
My plan was to get to the 10am Spin class. I heard I missed a good one too! Dang. I was tired. My body was not tired, just my brain I think!!
So I set my sights on the 5:30 PM Happy Hour spin. Nope. Onto Zumba at 6:30 PM....NOPE!
Not sure what my problem was, but so glad Friday is over!
Saturday- Power Spin at 7:45 AM for one hour. Awesome class this morning. Sprints, climbs and endurance runs. Loved it. I will be borrowing some of these ideas for my future classes. Afterwards I did the elliptical for 20 minutes and walked on an incline for 10 minutes. The only reason I did the "extra" was because I had my babysitter until 10 AM...I have to take advantage of that!!!

I forgot to mention that after the completion of my 24 Day Challenge I dropped 6.5 lbs total. I am really happy with the results as most of the fat was on my abs. Ugh. But anyhow. It's gone now! It got my eating habits back to where they should be...I know my body responds best to a bit more protein and fat and less refined carbs!

No running today. I am still in mourning over the finality of no Boston Marathon! I am kidding ( mostly). But I can take it easy on the mileage knowing that my BIG RACE is not until May of 2010. So I can chill out until January for the most part. I am still undecided about the Turkey Trot still. There is a 5:30 AM Power Spin that I want to go to. Of course I can always do Spin at 5:30 AM and then race at 8 AM.....does not sound too smart though. I will decide soon...I think.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


I thought about getting up early to hit the weights, but then picked sleep instead!I love my sleep.
I did make it to the early step-class though. It was great as usual. I usually duck out early to skip the abs segment to eitherd o my own or get some extra cardio in.
I choose cardio today. I ran on the treadmill for exactly 15 minutes. I can't remember my ending pace, but I did top out at 9 miles an hour. Ugh. I figure I need to get my legs used to running fast again before the Turkey Trot in exactly one week! It will be a 5k and I hope I am not trotting!
So now I must get myself out of bed early tomorrow to hit the weights and then probably head back for the 10am Spin class.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wednesday/Spin/Boston Marathon

I think it's safe to post up already! I have no plans of doing anymore exercise today!
I made it to the gym for a spin session....the fan was BUSTED! Man, I think I take that big industrial fan for granted. I was a mess!! It's a lot easier to push myself even harder when there is a slight breeze! I pushed hard today, but there was a nice puddle of sweat underneath the bike..(gross). It was a good class though.
In 2 weeks it will be MY class! My boss ( the instructor) just asked me today and I said sure.
I am there practically every Wednesday as it is so why not get paid to teach it?!?! No brainer if ya ask me!
SO that's my day today...

Ohhhhhh....on another note
I was told today that registration for The Boston Marathon is CLOSED!!! Not that I was going to run it, but still. It makes it more final now.... OK..I have to go and cry now!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cardio-overload and loving it...DUH

Well as the title might suggest I went a bit nut-so on the cardio today. I am a bit stressed and workouts in general seem to take it away even for just a little bit.
I started the morning with the kick butt killer cardio kickboxing class I LOVE. Awesome as usual, I even broke it down( get low low low...) and sang opera when asked to do so....yea stress will do that do a gal!
After getting my girl off to school I actually did 20 whole minutes of a Power Yoga workout!! Go me! It felt great and I find that for at home workouts--20 minutes is all I can do!
I decided to go back to the gym after getting the girl from school. I had no plan in mind, but ended up doing 15 minutes of the stepper ( loathe this machine), 15 minutes of the Stair mill ( love/hate relationship) and 15 minutes on the elliptical ( I love you!). All cardio was some sort of interval..long, short, name it; I did it. It felt really good to zone out to my music tonight! Stress and anxiety reared it's FUGLY head and I am doing well at beating it up! Might as well torch a few HUNDRED calories in the process. I guess it's better than eating them!??! Well, if I had a box of Hot Tamales in front of me next to the elliptical I a not sure what I would choose. Let's just hope that never happens--EVER!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday...I'm baaaaack!

Today was a great day in terms of my workouts.

Spin was at 10am..I taught it pyramid style while having the last pyramid climb Race Day Style. The "Race Day" portion was only about 15 minutes, but TOUGH. The class loved it and requested a full Race Day format soon. I will do that after Thanksgiving I think. As soon as I catch my breath.....

Totally Toned was at noon. Pretty good class.

I went back to the gym for my Full Body session.

It went mostly well. I went to my gym ( the one I instruct at) and was surprised at how busy it was. After doing a quick 5 minute incline walk warm up I headed to the squat rack to get those over with and before it got occupied. I did 3 sets of 8 topping out 125#..I think I will go heavier next time as I felt really strong during these. I don't even know any of my PR's for lifts because I never write anything down...maybe I should start. The rest of the workout was fine, but it was so busy that some of the weights I needed were not there! That makes me so annoyed. It either forces me to lift heavier then planned ( Arnold presses at 20#) or lighter than I want ( lateral raises at 10#). The 15# had all but vanished--must be a popular poundage! It's funny how I don't want anyone to see me lifting those baby weights at such low reps!

I am also going to advise my single friends to get to the gym pronto--total meat market. Holy smokes!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Slacker....ahhhhh feels good too!

Today I slacked. That's 2 whole days off in 7 days. Totally normal for someone else, but not this chick. I feel great though. It was a long weekend. I had an awesome run yesterday, not to mention a great week of workouts. No big deal. I planned on going to the gym for a full body workout and cardio. A dear friend called and wanted to meet up at a nearby park for a play-date. There won't be many more nice days as there were today so I felt I had to take advantage. We went to the park and played Duck Duck Goose and a bunch of made of games. I guess I was kind of active--running around with a 5 year old and (2) 2 year olds! It was a lot of fun.
I also racked 4 piles of leaves....I only have about 94 to go!!
All in all it was a great day!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The hills are alive for 10

I set out today to do at least around 8 miles. Well I did 10. I felt fine though so I am OK with it!
I do not like to run alone and my buddies were going for 9, but then well, ,we did 10. It was a rolling hill kind of thing going on. It took me more than my usual 1 mile to warm up due to the hills.
It was a good run though. I am glad my buddies were there to push me along the course! We kept a perfect 9:00 mile pace. It felt nice and comfortable.
The weather was awesome which always makes for a great run. Sun was shining, minimal wind and great company too!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Fitness Fun!

Today was a nice gym day. I used the treadmill to walk for 10 minutes on an incline, run an 8:20 mile and walked on an incline again. I was on it for exactly 30 minutes ( I am anal that way).
Spin class was up next. It was a fun class. He called it "Guitar Hero" class. I have never played the game let alone even seen it being played, but I think he was impressed that I at least knew more than half of the bands he chose for the spin journey. Granted, I did not know any of the "guitar heroes", but I know my bands!! I may have enjoyed the music better than the actual ride! It was a good class though, perhaps I just did not push myself as much as i could have. Although, I was a sweaty mess and out of breath a lot. I must have been distracted by the tunes!
After that I taught Totally Toned. I walked around more today than usual. I am sore/stiff from my workout yesterday. It's been a while since I lifted my legs heavy and I can tell today. Especially my inner thighs which never are sore. Thanks to the sumo squats in the squat rack for that!! Love it!
My lats are sore too, I will guess from my pull ups!
I am getting ready for my longish run tomorrow. I guess I am running the Turkey Trot this Thanksgiving. I guess!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday again..and copy cats at the gym

Sooo, I went back to the gym for a cardio kickboxing class. My favorite class that I have been missing for a bit. I had to. It was fun too so I am glad I did.
I forgot to mention in an earlier post about this woman at the gym. I swear she has been copying my workouts in the gym! I know it might be a coincidence, but it has happened more than once (twice that I noticed). I saw her watching me last week and she proceeded to do the next 3 exercises that I did all in the same order too. Hmmmm. It happened again today. It was a different workout then the one she copied the last time too. I only notice because the weight room is not that big and there were 2 other women besides myself and I know we all checking each other out! Copy cat! Maybe I should be flattered, but I'm not yet! I think because it's so obvious. I see you lady! Maybe next week I will something really crazy and she if she does it. Any ideas on what I should do??

Thursday...rocked it.

My daughter had the day off today! That meant I could take my time and NOT rush through my workout at the gym. Love that. Oh and the kids LOVE to be there for longer than 45 minutes! Amara would actually cry when it was time to leave the gym play area!

I started with a nice 1 mile run on the treadmill. It was about a 8:15 mile or so. It felt good. I almost ran 2, but had to go potty-ha!

I did a nice full body workout with heavier weights today-- 3 sets of 8 reps!

I did 2 sets of 5 unassisted pull ups and 1 set of 4.5!! I am on my way! Feeling great and feeling strong!

BB squats

1 arm rows

BB stiff leg deads

biceps curl

BB sumo squats

shoulder press


Felt awesome!!!

I finished with a 10 minute RUN on that stupid, dreadful Step-Mill!! Topped out at level 16. Holy cow I love/hate that beast!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wish List Wednesday!

Boston Marathon 2010

All expense paid trip(for 2-- haha)!!
That's what I want!
The good thing is I am eligible to run it in 2011 since i won't be doing it in 2010.
The bad news is, who knows if I will want to. I am motivated to do it in 2010--dang it!

Wonderful Wednesday--I got my cardio fix.

No more Y Power X!! Today's last class was a good one.
Over and out.
I was able to get in a short but effective cardio session. I hopped on the upright bike and did a quick 3 minute warm up ( since I was already warm from teaching class) and did 17 minutes of intervals at a 20:40 ratio. I also did steady state on the elliptical for 15 minutes --My goal was to keep a higher heart rate ( in the 150's and beyond) the entire time and too keep the resolutions at 185 or higher. Done. It was hard. Loved it.
I might go back later tonight to lift weights and get my 2nd session out of the way. It depends on how I feel.
So far I have not reached my goal of yoga last week or this week. Booo! I am stretching more on my own, but I really need YOGA!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday..Rest Day!!

Well today was a day off for me. I feel kind of sluggish for not doing anything physically intentional, but I made the choice to skip out on today-well kind of!
Baby boy slept in pat 8am which is not normal. So after he was fed and changed it was close to 9am already. The class I like to take at the gym starts at 9:30am so we would not be there on time. I am already rushing to leave the gym before 11am ( to get the girl fed and off to school on time), so I decided not to go.
The only other time I could go to the gym was after 6pm. My daughter had parent teacher conference tonight. By the time I got home and settled it was close to 7pm. I have to get up all early on Wednesday for my LAST Y Power X class!! Yahoo!!
So anyway..that's my excuse as to why I slacked today!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday Madness

This will be my last hectic Monday for a while! So happy about that.
I am glad I have a job that I LOVE, but sometimes a girl needs a break!!
Y power X was first up...Plyometrics today! I really stuck to format today with not a lot of rest periods as I have given in the past. It's the last week and last day of Plyo's so I wanted them to see how far they have come! They did really well. It was noticeable harder, but they were a lot stronger than they were 8 weeks ago at this..that's for sure. Mission Accomplished!

Next was Spin. Today's class was at capacity!! Woo Hoo! Good thing I taught a n awesome class...haha. It was chock full of sprints. A lot. I normally limit it to just a few--but not today!
It was great though. The class did really well from what I could tell. I was a bit more vocal then usual because I did not want to lose them! I was sure to give long recoveries between sprints so they could really push themselves to their full potential. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

The third and final class of the day was Totally Toned. Lots of reps today. The class was moaning......MISSION ACCOMPLISHED

I am glad my exhausting day is over. Now I get to do it all over again tomorrow!
ha..not really. I can do my OWN thing tomorrow! Yahooo!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday.....weights and cardio!

I can't believe today is Sunday. The end of fun! :(
It's also 70 degrees November! Is it global warming or typical Michigan?!?! Probably a bit of both. Unfortunately I was not able to get out in this awesomeness and run! Boo! It's hunting season and Matt had the morning in a tree stand. My running friends ran at 9am.
Anyways....I was able to get to the gym not really wanting to do any cardio! What the heck?!?!
I started with a 10 minute warm up on the recumbent bike and then went onto my full body weight workout. I am still sore from Friday! I did 2 sets of 15 reps today. Light weights.
I then felt the cardio junky take over. I hopped on the elliptical for about 15 minutes. I did not put forth much effort until the last half. I then went on the up right bike and did 12 minutes of intervals. 20 seconds hard and 40 seconds to recover. It was pretty grueling. I like when I get my act together and push myself!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Saturday Long Run

Good morning!
Let me first start by saying I was talking crap about my 30# not being heavy yesterday...well I was wrong!! It did not seem too challenging at the time, but when I woke up this morning my back was telling me something different!! a good way though!

So on to today's LONG run. 7 miles baby!! It felt great. I am sure 6 miles would have been fine and a smarter distance at this time, but at 3 miles out we felt so great we decided to extend it .5 longer before turning back.

It was very warm on the way out too. I was roasting ( except for my hands and I had gloves on!). But on the way back the wind was in our faces and made it a bit more challenging, but at least I was not hot.

After the run I went to the farmer's market to stock up on some pizza crusts and veggies!
What a great Saturday morning!

Friday, November 6, 2009

It's Friday!

I figured I should probably lay low on the cardio today since Extreme Spinning was not completed until after 8pm. I did 20 minutes of 30:30 elliptical intervals. Short and sweet, but effective!
I followed up with my full body weight workout that include 3 set of pull ups in the beginning. I did 4.5 for all sets. I will be at 5 unassisted before he year is over..MARK MY WORDS!!! I have some work to do. Matt put the pull up bar in the house ( finally..he he) so I better start using it consistently again.
I also did squats, 1 arm rows, dead lifts, shoulder press, biceps curls and incline chest press. All ( except pull ups) were for 3 sets of 8 reps. For most of the exercises I went up with poundage with each set. I am still easing my way up to lifting heavier. I got a few looks when I busted out my pull ups and also when I used 30# for my 1 arm rows....that really was not that heavy guys!! Ha ha. I rounded out the workout with an easy 10 minute incline walk on the treadmill.
I am happy to announce that I will be running tomorrow!! Wooohoo!
Wish me luck...

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Today was a good day. I got my cardio fix in. I made it to my girls step class mostly on time!
It was a last minute kind of thing as I decided that I was not wanting to lift weights today. I did this even though I KNEW that I was to teach Extreme Spinning at 6:30pm. It was over 12 hours between workouts so that OK--right?!?!
Anyway--Extreme Spinning is 90 minutes and today was a race day. My very first one ( teaching) and I have been teaching spin for 7 years! So I figured it was about time!
It was a pretty awesome class. After the warm up the race day heart rates were held between 80%-92% of max heart rate for 70 minutes! Woah. At times I felt light headed ( not often!), but that is how it feels to physically exert yourself during a race. It was nuts. I used lots of fast paced music with driving beats ( went back in the archives!) that the class appreciated.
I won't be teaching this class next time around. Matt's basketball games start up again. That's OK with me though. I might burn out on Spinning if I had to continue and I don't want to do that.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Y Power X was this morning...legs and back! Lots of lunges and pull ups. It was a good one.

Before that though....I ran 3.5 miles today! Woohoo. It was indoors on the treadmill, but it felt great and I wished I could have run longer, but I had to go teach! Booo!

Totally Toned was at noon. The class is so full ( 12-15) that I can only do part of the workout as I am walking around the room correcting form and whatnot. That's ok-safety first and I would rather do my own workout anyway! I asked that they cap the class at 10 people, but I know it's hard to turn people just gets crowded.
I thought about going back to the gym to get my cardio fix, but I refrained. I am getting ready to teach my 90 minute race day spin tomorrow night. It should be fun, but I still have to plan it. I work better under pressure ( I think so anyway), so I might work on it tonight or at least tomorrow afternoon!

Herbal Cleanse: Day 6-10

I have not been posting about this because there is nothing really new to say!
It has been going really well. I forgot to weigh in for the past few days so I will do that tomorrow morning. I also start a 14 day metabolic nutrition system tomorrow as well.
I might as well fess up. I am now a distributor for a sports nutrition company and I am using their products so I can at least know what the heck I am talking about..and to know if I still want to sell them! So far so good.
If you want to know more..just email me at:
The 10 days was pretty painless.

Monday and Tuesday Recap

I had my usual busy Monday...Y Power X, Spin and Totally Toned!
This day exhausts me and I will be happy when Y Power X is over and out. It does not help that I was up way too late with an allergy attack!!
Spin was awesome!!

Due to missing weights on Sunday ( and Monday for that matter!) I went to the gym with the intention of getting my full body weights out of the way. I first decided on doing a quick 20 minute session of intervals. I the dang Step-Mill. The rotating steps of doom. It always kicks my butt. Today was no different. After a 5 minute warm up on Level 8, I proceeded to do 30:30 intervals.... first at level 8 to 10. I increased the "work" period every few minutes until I was up to level 13 and the topped out at 14 for the last 50 seconds. Yes, I said 50 seconds and not 60. Couldn't ( or chose not to) do it. I was avoiding the risk of FALLING down the steps!
After that I went and did my full body weights session.
I also went back to the gym later that day. I normally don't, but felt the need to finish my cardio session from earlier. My main goal was to strength train and I did, but since I am a cardioaholic I felt the need. I kept it short and simple this time around. 20 minutes at a faster steady pace on the elliptical and an incline walk on the treadmill.
What I have not done this week is core or yoga. I need to try and fit both in or at least yoga!

Monday, November 2, 2009


I took a forced day off today! Booooo! Oh well, things happen and I just have to adjust even if I don't want to.
I was going to do some intervals; probably on the treadmill and step-mill plus full body weight workout.
The question is do I go to the gym today even though I am tired out of my mind or do I try and do it tomorrow and skip out on cardio again??? I will report back later on that.