Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Fitness Fun!

Today was a nice gym day. I used the treadmill to walk for 10 minutes on an incline, run an 8:20 mile and walked on an incline again. I was on it for exactly 30 minutes ( I am anal that way).
Spin class was up next. It was a fun class. He called it "Guitar Hero" class. I have never played the game let alone even seen it being played, but I think he was impressed that I at least knew more than half of the bands he chose for the spin journey. Granted, I did not know any of the "guitar heroes", but I know my bands!! I may have enjoyed the music better than the actual ride! It was a good class though, perhaps I just did not push myself as much as i could have. Although, I was a sweaty mess and out of breath a lot. I must have been distracted by the tunes!
After that I taught Totally Toned. I walked around more today than usual. I am sore/stiff from my workout yesterday. It's been a while since I lifted my legs heavy and I can tell today. Especially my inner thighs which never are sore. Thanks to the sumo squats in the squat rack for that!! Love it!
My lats are sore too, I will guess from my pull ups!
I am getting ready for my longish run tomorrow. I guess I am running the Turkey Trot this Thanksgiving. I guess!

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