Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cardio-overload and loving it...DUH

Well as the title might suggest I went a bit nut-so on the cardio today. I am a bit stressed and workouts in general seem to take it away even for just a little bit.
I started the morning with the kick butt killer cardio kickboxing class I LOVE. Awesome as usual, I even broke it down( get low low low...) and sang opera when asked to do so....yea stress will do that do a gal!
After getting my girl off to school I actually did 20 whole minutes of a Power Yoga workout!! Go me! It felt great and I find that for at home workouts--20 minutes is all I can do!
I decided to go back to the gym after getting the girl from school. I had no plan in mind, but ended up doing 15 minutes of the stepper ( loathe this machine), 15 minutes of the Stair mill ( love/hate relationship) and 15 minutes on the elliptical ( I love you!). All cardio was some sort of interval..long, short, medium..you name it; I did it. It felt really good to zone out to my music tonight! Stress and anxiety reared it's FUGLY head and I am doing well at beating it up! Might as well torch a few HUNDRED calories in the process. I guess it's better than eating them!??! Well, if I had a box of Hot Tamales in front of me next to the elliptical I a not sure what I would choose. Let's just hope that never happens--EVER!

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