Thursday, November 5, 2009


Today was a good day. I got my cardio fix in. I made it to my girls step class mostly on time!
It was a last minute kind of thing as I decided that I was not wanting to lift weights today. I did this even though I KNEW that I was to teach Extreme Spinning at 6:30pm. It was over 12 hours between workouts so that OK--right?!?!
Anyway--Extreme Spinning is 90 minutes and today was a race day. My very first one ( teaching) and I have been teaching spin for 7 years! So I figured it was about time!
It was a pretty awesome class. After the warm up the race day heart rates were held between 80%-92% of max heart rate for 70 minutes! Woah. At times I felt light headed ( not often!), but that is how it feels to physically exert yourself during a race. It was nuts. I used lots of fast paced music with driving beats ( went back in the archives!) that the class appreciated.
I won't be teaching this class next time around. Matt's basketball games start up again. That's OK with me though. I might burn out on Spinning if I had to continue and I don't want to do that.

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