Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Late start....

Today was a weird day. Well not really. I did not make it to he gym until after 5pm.
Miles decided to take at least 60 minutes to eat half a waffle and 4 orange segments this morning and I was not going to give in. I am a Taurus. I am bull. Hear me roar. So I missed out on the class that I wanted to take. Oh well. There was a 5:30 pm spin class that I decided to take. It was with a great instructor and guess what? It was a Race Day. OY! It was a very simple format ( pretty sure I will use it for my Monday Race Day). It was really fun and challenging and all that good stuff. I actually had it in my head that I might tack on another 15 minutes of cardio. Ha. Nope. I was out of there with the quickness. That's how a race day should make you feel. As if you just participated in a race( hence the name!)
If I would have had anything left, then shame on me for slacking during class!
I had plans to spin in the morning, but I am not so sure i will even be recovered by then. We shall see. I must go drink some water since I left most of my bodily fluids under my bike. It was a hot one.

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