Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday Madness

Spin class was packed today. The big industrial fan is still busted. It was mighty hot in the room today. It had to be the day I decided to do some crazy speed drills too. I think the class enjoyed the ride....clapping and good comments after class is usually a good sign.
I planned on going back to the gym to lift weights. I did just that. It was not my normal full body routine by any stretch of the imagination either. that's ok though...I did a small circuit using some weight machines ( which I hate!). But I know it is good for me to change things up and I will probably be sore tomorrow due to the change so I will welcome that. I feel I push harder and get a more balanced workout when using dumbbells and barbells. Might be a myth, but I like how it sounds!

My first circuit was:
Lat pull downs
push ups
DB shoulder press
Bicep curls

My second circuit was:
Alternating Fwd. lunges on the BOSU
Leg Ext.
Lying ham curl
Squats on BOSU

That's it!
It went by so fast too....I might do another one like this later in the week and then come up with a new full body routine to start after Thanksgiving.

After that I hopped on the elliptical for no particular reason other than to read Fit Pregnancy ( probably started some rumors tonight) and to listen to my music.
So that's what I did for a quick 20 minute stint on the thing.
I need to stretch and do yoga. I have REALLY slacked on this one.
New Year's Resolution maybe??? I can start it early.....

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