Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wednesday/Spin/Boston Marathon

I think it's safe to post up already! I have no plans of doing anymore exercise today!
I made it to the gym for a spin session....the fan was BUSTED! Man, I think I take that big industrial fan for granted. I was a mess!! It's a lot easier to push myself even harder when there is a slight breeze! I pushed hard today, but there was a nice puddle of sweat underneath the bike..(gross). It was a good class though.
In 2 weeks it will be MY class! My boss ( the instructor) just asked me today and I said sure.
I am there practically every Wednesday as it is so why not get paid to teach it?!?! No brainer if ya ask me!
SO that's my day today...

Ohhhhhh....on another note
I was told today that registration for The Boston Marathon is CLOSED!!! Not that I was going to run it, but still. It makes it more final now.... OK..I have to go and cry now!


Lisa LaMore said...

Move on, move forward, keep moving. What's next? (Sorry that's it's "final"...but, you are still one tough cookie and a winner to me! :) GUNZ

FitCrazedMomma said...

Thanks girl!!!
It kinds makes it easier to swallow now..ya know?!?! There is no way I could do it's out of my hands! ;)
Well, I am in the process of a SAVINGS plan for Boston 2011!!
ANd coming up with next years race/event schedule.
Will include the infamous 25k in May! Maybe a 1/2 marathon as I have never done one before.
Hopefully at LEAST 2 duathlons and a few 5 and 10k's in there somewhere...I might have to come up with a few savings plans! This stuff can get pricey!