Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thursday Power Spin + Wish List Wendesday (a day late)

I was up and at the gym by 5 AM for the power spin. People were there before 5 AM to ensure they were able to get a bike. Man, it must have sucked for most of them as they did not get a bike. I got mine!! Sorry people. I am here for the same reason you are too.


The class was speed drills. Kind of a love to hate kind of class. Super duper calorie burn for the impending pies and sides of the day, but it's also great for the sport of cycling. It was a great lactic acid inducer as well as leg endurance. Whew. It was rough at times. I borrowed a heart rate monitor again. I miss mine. It's busted! My HR got as high as 178 at times and when I was not working that was only at 154. Yea, so it was a great class for my heart as well!

We started off with 1 minute long semi " sprints" with a 30 second recovery..oh- we did 15 of those. UGH! Loved it though. I really pushed myself this morning and am glad I did. Not because I am afraid of Thanksgiving dinner and treats..that's lame. Eat and be thankful for goodness sake! After the sprints we had a nice gradual hill for 5 minutes and then it was off for more fun. Hill sprints, endurance runs, add the resistance etc. You name it we did it. The music was great which is so important.
I never added a wish list Wednesday so there it is! The Polar F 11. I loved having my HR monitor. I was sad when it busted! I love having immediate feedback. I think I get a little obsessive with it at times, but that's just how I operate. This watch is simple enough that I figured out how it works without the silly 10 page directions that make it more confusing if you ask me. You just plug in all your info and it's ready to go! It shows HR numbers or percentage, calories burned and tons more stuff that I might not ever use, but would try! I even like it in the Pink Fizz color. My last monitor was blue and gray and my GPS crappy watch now is black. I think it's time to add more pizazz to my accessories......

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