Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday..Rest Day!!

Well today was a day off for me. I feel kind of sluggish for not doing anything physically intentional, but I made the choice to skip out on today-well kind of!
Baby boy slept in pat 8am which is not normal. So after he was fed and changed it was close to 9am already. The class I like to take at the gym starts at 9:30am so we would not be there on time. I am already rushing to leave the gym before 11am ( to get the girl fed and off to school on time), so I decided not to go.
The only other time I could go to the gym was after 6pm. My daughter had parent teacher conference tonight. By the time I got home and settled it was close to 7pm. I have to get up all early on Wednesday for my LAST Y Power X class!! Yahoo!!
So anyway..that's my excuse as to why I slacked today!

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