Thursday, November 19, 2009


I thought about getting up early to hit the weights, but then picked sleep instead!I love my sleep.
I did make it to the early step-class though. It was great as usual. I usually duck out early to skip the abs segment to eitherd o my own or get some extra cardio in.
I choose cardio today. I ran on the treadmill for exactly 15 minutes. I can't remember my ending pace, but I did top out at 9 miles an hour. Ugh. I figure I need to get my legs used to running fast again before the Turkey Trot in exactly one week! It will be a 5k and I hope I am not trotting!
So now I must get myself out of bed early tomorrow to hit the weights and then probably head back for the 10am Spin class.

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vanessa40 said...

Hey girl..
Good luck in your Turkey Trot. I have one next week to..mine is an 8k.
How have you been?
I'm haeding to your family journal to see your adorable children :)
I have missed chatting with you.