Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday Long Run and birth stories...

I am not sure if I missed running or not, or taught one too many Spin classes this week! Either way, I choose running over Spin today.
We ran 10 miles. 10 hilly miles I might add. Our pace was just over 9 minutes. Totally fine with that. It's usually slower than that! ha.... but as I always say this is a not a race. I don't see the need to do super fast miles for my long runs. I save my 7 minute miles for race day. Sometimes I like to go hard or faster for my long runs..but not often! Maybe if somebody was paying me to run.... was pretty chilly out this morning. A brisk 29 degrees when we started. So naturally my hands were frozen solid by mile 4. Love that. Ouch. I could barely move my hands to hold my cup of Gatorade. Can't wait until it's actually COLD out. I ordered new gloves that are supposedly the best of the best, but we will see. People are always recommend gloves for me, but they have NO IDEA.

The 10 miles was good though. I met a new friend and ran with people that I know, but don't normally run with so it was good to talk to "new" people. Somehow we got on the subject of childbirth and exercising while pregnant etc. So of course I had to retell my trauma/drama of Miles ( remember? He was a few oz. shy of 11 lbs. for a non c section birth). Most of the girls listening were young with no kids. I think I scared them. They cannot understand how someone so fit and little ( their words, NOT mine), could get so huge and have a huge baby. I told them to believe it! What they really can't believe is that I would do it all over again in a heartbeat and want to! I ain't scared!!'s always a fun story to share with unsuspecting people. I only tell that story when asked--usually! This made the last 3 miles of hills go by fast since I was doing most of the talking for once. I think my hands even thawed out naturally too. It was a great day for a run!


Christina said...

If only you had the torpedo belly THAT would have put a shocked look on their faces in no time flat. LOL

I can't wait to do it all again too. Although, I have no bragging rights from my preggo experience compared to yours. M was too easy!

Anonymous said...

Ha! I get the same scared, "NO WAYYYYYYYYY!" comments from people. My first girl was only 7.8...but, my second girl was 10 and my boy was 10.6!!! All natural. I can only imagine the things people are thinking when I tell them the story!! And they ALWAYS ask...did you have a C-Section? When I say, "Nope...why?" They FREAK OUT on me!!!! So funny. GUNZ

FitCrazedMomma said...

Lisa~ I is crazy. You are TINY..I would not believe you if you told me the story either... ;)

Tina! Oh you and your "easy" birth.. haha! Any birth story earns you bragging rights girl!
That torpedo picture...yea..that would for sure scare them straight!