Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday..let the new schedule begin!

I started my new schedule today. I plan on hitting upper body 2 days a week and lower 1 day a week and then next week will be the opposite...lower 2x and upper 1x. We will see how that goes. I think I will like it and it should go by faster than my usual full body.
I also plan on doing a quick core workout and plyos at the end. I am pretty sore from the hills and mileage of yesterday. I knew I would be though. Yipee! I might be getting exited for the official running season to start up again (Jan. 2010). I hope to set some big PR's this season.......I don't like to say that out loud. Shhhhhh!

So today looked like this:
3x10 with 45 second rest in between sets.

lat pull down ( 75#)
Shoulder press ( 15#)
push ups
Up right rows ( 30 and 40# BB)
Triceps Bench Dips
1-arm rows (25#)

Jump squats - 15
Lunge jumps 10/leg
Jump squats- 15

Plank holds 3x30 seconds

Elliptical for 25 minutes. I kept my HR was under 155 the whole time. I have a race day spin class planned for tomorrow so I tried to be smart and not to push my limits today.


Christina said...

Great workout!!!!

FitCrazedMomma said...

Thanks girl...SUPER sore today. Yay!