Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Y Power X was this morning...legs and back! Lots of lunges and pull ups. It was a good one.

Before that though....I ran 3.5 miles today! Woohoo. It was indoors on the treadmill, but it felt great and I wished I could have run longer, but I had to go teach! Booo!

Totally Toned was at noon. The class is so full ( 12-15) that I can only do part of the workout as I am walking around the room correcting form and whatnot. That's ok-safety first and I would rather do my own workout anyway! I asked that they cap the class at 10 people, but I know it's hard to turn people just gets crowded.
I thought about going back to the gym to get my cardio fix, but I refrained. I am getting ready to teach my 90 minute race day spin tomorrow night. It should be fun, but I still have to plan it. I work better under pressure ( I think so anyway), so I might work on it tonight or at least tomorrow afternoon!


Christina said...

Your blog makes me angry! It never shows up as updated so I always think you've fallen off the face of the planet and then feel bad when I realize its something wacky with showing updates and I haven't been around :(

Thanks for all of your support. Just trying to be supermom and workout queen like you ;)

FitCrazedMomma said...

There you are...haha! NOt sure what the deal is...but gad you made it in here! You are going to be so pumped on show day!! Congrats girl!!