Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Monday and Tuesday Recap

I had my usual busy Monday...Y Power X, Spin and Totally Toned!
This day exhausts me and I will be happy when Y Power X is over and out. It does not help that I was up way too late with an allergy attack!!
Spin was awesome!!

Due to missing weights on Sunday ( and Monday for that matter!) I went to the gym with the intention of getting my full body weights out of the way. I first decided on doing a quick 20 minute session of intervals. I the dang Step-Mill. The rotating steps of doom. It always kicks my butt. Today was no different. After a 5 minute warm up on Level 8, I proceeded to do 30:30 intervals.... first at level 8 to 10. I increased the "work" period every few minutes until I was up to level 13 and the topped out at 14 for the last 50 seconds. Yes, I said 50 seconds and not 60. Couldn't ( or chose not to) do it. I was avoiding the risk of FALLING down the steps!
After that I went and did my full body weights session.
I also went back to the gym later that day. I normally don't, but felt the need to finish my cardio session from earlier. My main goal was to strength train and I did, but since I am a cardioaholic I felt the need. I kept it short and simple this time around. 20 minutes at a faster steady pace on the elliptical and an incline walk on the treadmill.
What I have not done this week is core or yoga. I need to try and fit both in or at least yoga!

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