Thursday, April 15, 2010

Is It Friday Yet!?!?!

I am exhausted today. Totally pooped. Miles was up a few times last night. He has some weird cough, nasal drippage going on. Poor guy. I am dragging today. But, alas-- we were able to get to the gym on this 80* day! It was in the low 60's by 9am and my poor kids had coats on! Ooops! I let them leave the coats in the car though. It was warm.
At the gym I did a quick 3 x 10- chest and triceps circuit:
Chest Press
Tri Dips
Push ups
Tri Press
Chest Flye
Lying Triceps Ext.
1 minute break and repeat.
Um yea. This hurt me. It hurt me soo good!
I almost did 4 sets, but chickened out since my poor arms were shakin' by set 2!
I know time off from lifting is good for me, but it sure stinks trying to get back in the swing of things! The good thing is though, that I took enough time off so I actually MISS lifting weights. YAY!
I also attempted to run on the treadmill today.
I did some sort of speed work. 400 repeats with an equal time rest. I may have done 8. I stopped counting after 4. My goal was 5 but I know I did more!
My breathing was so-so. I attempted to use my own breathing techniques to get through it. I won't say it worked (cuz I have NO idea what I was doing), but I pushed through and ran almost 5 miles when I was done with the intervals and warm up and cool down. That lifted my spirits a bit!
Later on I taught 3*2*1. I counted this as my core work for today. It was all standing ab work for total of 6 minutes. I did not add any plyometrics to my workout today-maybe tomorrow after spin class.....maybe.
Friday I am going shopping my girl Mary! Wooot! I better go to bed now so it's Friday sooner.

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