Sunday, April 18, 2010

Friday and Saturday recap

Friday~ Early morning spin was a good class. I did not have any breathing issues-BONUS!
After spin I was able to lift legs-Quads to be specific. They were actually still a bit sore from the week too. I did 4x10:
Leg Press
Split Squats
Leg Ext
That is all. I planned on squatting in the rack, but gossiping time took me away from that. Maybe next time. I also want to add that my triceps are still on fire from whenever the heck I did chest and triceps...Thursday maybe?? It's Sunday. I get it. Stop being sore. You know I love it. Whateva.

Saturday~ 16 miler in the books. It was a GORGEOUS morning for a run. I was really happy with how my run went. It was around a 9 minute mile pace. I felt that I most certainly could have stepped it up a bit and gone faster, but my running buddy was a having some issues. I am sure it was a blessing in disguise though. I did not want to get all cocky and then have problems breathing. We talked practically the whole 16 miles. It was a friend of a friend that I did not really know that well.... so now we know each other better. I love making new friends!
This will be the last 16 miler before the Big Show (25k). I am still not sure if I am going to do the Big Show yet. I want to see my speech pathologist first and get an idea of how realistic that would be for me and my goals. I hope they call me soon!!!

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