Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Monday- Spinning Race Day and a stolen workout.

Monday in spin class was the monthly race day.
It was a good one. I had a hard time talking/coaching my class. Was it the asthma stuff or was it because I was working oh so hard? Probably both !
Hill climbs, short standing run and flat roads was today's themes. The object of a race day is to keep a high heart rate after the warm up. The "rules" are to keep it between 80 and 92% of your maximum heart rate. Easier said then done my class ( the ones with HR monitors) found out. It was a good lesson for them though. I love to teach!
Totally Toned. I TOTALLY took a workout out of a magazine--either SELF or SHAPE I can't recall- and did the whole thing in class. I never do that....I am interested in the feedback I get on Wednesday. I did tell them ahead of time that I "borrowed" the workout. I am sore and I only partially did it!
Monday was a good day even though i was majorly tired all day long.

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