Friday, March 19, 2010

Kind of Tired......

Kind of tired. Yep, that's me these days. My sleep has not been going so well.
Thursday- I made it to the gym somehow. I did a running specific ( click on it to see what I did!) workout the required no weights at all. Thanks Krys ( check out her blog)! It went by super fast too! Love that, especially since I was DOG tired. I might do this again next week if I feel pressed for time or just tired in general. I will keep on the look-out for more runner specific workouts and share.
I taught my 3*2*1 class later in the day and almost went for my prescribed 6 mile run...but I decided to head home and take a much needed HOT shower instead. I think it was a wise decision to skip the run. That was my Thursday. I will admit that I felt like a total slacker ( only for about 5 minutes though) because of my short workouts. I then realized I exercised for over an hour--just not as HARDCORE as I think I need to be. So this was a nice change of pace and I was soo over it before it got to be a problem.
Friday- Spin. I am kinda spun out this week. It's my own fault. I did one ride 3 times this week because it received good feedback! Lesson learned. I will tuck it away and bring it out next month for one lucky class-not all 3! After spin this morning I stretched and gossiped with a friend-mostly gossiped, but I did get in some good hip flexor stretches at some point.
Ok. So the 5k that I have not signed up for yet is tomorrow. It is causing me much anxiety too--I wonder if that's why my sleep has been craptastic all week....... Wish me luck!

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