Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday -One HUGE hill ride

Monday. Lovely Monday.
I made up a spin profile last night intended to wake me up. It worked. It was a huge hill climb with the option of taking a recovery 25 minutes into the ride. Only a few peeps took the break-they are so hardcore-love it!
So the challenge of the class was to keep a consistent heart rate of 80-85 percent of your max heart rate no matter what the resistance was. It was a challenge, but a welcoming one I think. I had many people come to me afterwards to let me know they appreciated today's class and my coaching skillz! ( haha). This is when I explained to them how Spinning and heart rate training go hand in hand when taught correctly. What an eye opener it was for some of the participants that thought they were working to their potential, and then to have the monitor tell them otherwise. I can't wait to get my heart rate monitor again! I miss it so.....
Totally Toned was today as well. It was a good mix of things-planks, shoulders, squats, biceps, lunges and a bunch of other stuff!
It was a good day--even for a Monday!

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