Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wonderful, Wednesday--I got my cardio fix and then some!

What a day. It was jam packed with cardio overload. Spin crazy today.
I am not used to this anymore. It's one thing to do a long run of 2 hours plus. I think it's because my long runs are not at a constant fast pace and there are only a few breaks of 5 minutes or less. 90 minutes of Spin--separated by 6.5 hours is a different story. I used to teach back-to-back spin classes. One started at 10 am and the other at 11:30 am. I used to do that pregnant. Why do I feel worse now??! Glad the day is over. I am thirsty and can't seem to eat enough. I guess it could be worse!
My first spin was an interval class with a few steep hills mixed in with the fast pace stuff. It was fun. My second class was a repeat of Monday's class--which I will also be teaching this Friday.
In between Spin classes I taught Totally Toned. I totally observed a lot of this class today. I was tired! It was from those darn 1000 meter repeats I did on Tuesday night--I was not recovered yet and then made it even better with the spin class.!
I am supposed to run 6 easy miles tomorrow, but we will see. If I do I will have to get to the gym by 6 AM the latest. I hope to at least make it to the gym to lift as well. What a busy week on it is not slowing down anytime soon!
Friday is morning spin class. Saturday is the race and Sunday is my long run. OY.

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