Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"Hyper" Tuesday Tempo and Wednesday Spin

I would fist like to post that I did 30 minutes of power yoga on Tuesday afternoon! Who cares that the workout was 45 minutes long... ha! It was no joke. It was very difficult--in a good way of course. I am so glad it was all in the comfort of my living room. Nobody could see me--just the dog and I am sure he would have laughed if he had not been sleeping.

On to Tuesday night. Running! On tap was a 2 mile warm up with a 4 mile tempo and then a 2 mile cool down. It was the first constant tempo run of the season. I planned on running between 7:50 and 8:00 mile pace. The first 2 miles felt pretty darned great. I had 2 running buddies with me. Katie is the pacer. She is so good at it. We were averaging a 7:53 pace. I was at mile 2.25 or something and I had to stop. I am still not sure what made me stop. I took a few steps (walking) and started to immediately hyperventilate! It was ( still is) the strangest thing! I could not catch my breath. So naturally I started to panic more which led to more hyper ventilation. Awesome. I walked about .25 miles with everyone passing me wondering what the heck was wrong with me. I said I was fine to everyone though. I probably finished the tempo ( with a few walk breaks again) at an 8:30 ish or better pace. I have no idea what happened. I still felt some tightness in my chest at the end of the run and when I got home. I told the coach about it and he seemed a bit concerned. I told him I always hyperventilate during the never fails. I get all emotional with about 2 miles left or so and can't breath ( it's all metal!!). I assured him I have no emotional ties/connections to the 4 mile tempo we run around Reed's Lake!
I wish I knew why it happened and it makes me a bit worried for the race I want to do on the 20th. If it's mental I need to figure out why and NOT do whatever it is I am doing again! If it's physical (I am sure it's not--haha) I would like to remedy it fast. I skipped the cool down and went home!

I woke up Wednesday very, very tired. I am sure it had something to do with going to bed around 12 midnight (again!!) and then being woken up by a certain 5 year old with a headache and a cough! Poor girl. So I was up worrying about her ( she was fast asleep) for almost an hour. I was up by 7 AM to finish planning my Spin class. Oh and that certain 5 year old was awake already.
Spin class went well. I had coffee. I have been "off" of my morning coffee for months. Literally. It tasted so damn good too. I had to find the coffee maker and dust it off. I had 1 filter left! WHEW!!! I would have been so mad if I didn't. So needless to say I was hyper again. Not hyperventilation this time. Just hyper-caffeinated. It was a great interval style class. I made it up while watching The Biggest Loser last night.

I did 2 minute intervals (each move was 2 maybe 6-8 minutes of work) with 1 minute rest. There was a 2.5 minute sprint/recovery segment ( sprints were 15 seconds, recovery was 25 seconds and repeat until the 2.5 minutes was up) I think the class enjoyed that. I am not one to have loads of sprints in a row--not realistic-but oh so FUN!
Totally Toned was at noon. I made the workout up on the spot. Sometimes those turn out to be my best work. Sometimes not so much! I think today's off the cuffness (is that a word?)went over well. I hope.
So that was my day. So far my plan is to get up early and run 5-6 miles on the tread and maybe lift weights. I am not sure I want to bring my girl to the gym day care. We will see how tonight goes--we both might not get to the gym. That's OK. Her health is more important than a workout!
I guess my Stuffitts Giveaway was not a good one??? I really like it. Your odds of winning are HUGE!! It ends in about 2.5 hours!!!!

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