Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday-- Spin endurance and other fun stuff.

Spin day and Totally Toned.
Spin was quite the workout today. It was a kind of-- get out of your comfort zone kind of thing today. Longer endurance segments followed by a very quick but steep hill. Whew! It was all good though.
Totally Toned. I used an oldie, but apparently a goodie and added one more set of goodness to the mix. It was a packed house today ( 14 I think..the room is not that big). The ladies ( + one non-lady) were stuffed in like sardines! It's not a problem though. They all come for the workout and we make due with what we have!
I did a very low key quick circuit at home today.
I had 8 lbs weights and did ths circuit 4 times. 12 reps. It was short and sweet. I am glad I did it! It's good to change things up. This is super light for me. It was still hard!
pull ups
bicep curls
wall sit
I don't feel like getting the kids ready in the morning to haul them to the gym. I knew this by 4 PM today! I also had big plans to get up at 5 AM and get my stiff butt to the gym for a 6 AM yoga class. Matt had plans of his own. Spring has sprung and fishing is on his mind. He wins this time ( life is a competition right!??!). I can easily yea right get up and do yoga on my own if I really feel the need.
I get to run on Tuesday!

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