Sunday, March 21, 2010

Getting Jiggy Wit' It! 5k style.

I am glad I can still be in such a great mood after my less then stellar race on Saturday!

I know that all races cannot be a PR or even close to one for that matter. But still, I want to have a good race all.the.time.

Since that is not a reality for all human beings ( yes, I will go out on a limb and make such a BOLD statement! ha) I will chalk yesterday up as my crappiest race of the season(hopefully!). For starters The Irish Jig is deemed " The kickoff to 2010 Race Season" in my area. So that just means I have a lot of races to do better in-right?!?!

Sometimes I wish not doing better affected me more-kind of. It might secretly though, my next 5k ( I hate you 5k) is not even for a few months-and I think I might be busy that day (washing my hair or something).

So back to the race- I am not sure what my deal was. Could have been lots of things or nothing. I hate making excuses as to why I had a craptastic time, but I just wish knew the real reason.

My buddies and I did a nice 3 mile warm up and strides up until the race started. I was nice and warm and ready to rumble! My first mile was under 7 minutes-I clocked it at 6:54. I was feeling kinda crappy already BUT I always feel crappy during a 5k. Nothing new here, so I noticeably slowed down, but not that much (or so I thought). I wanted to try and actually keep a consistent pace (ha! Good one Marcia). Mile 2 was an 8:04. What the what?? I was hoping for a 7:04 or something. Dang. I might have felt defeated inside. I think my race was more of a mental game then physical-maybe. My last mile I know was pretty slow. My chip time was 23:08 or something like that. Ugh. My times should be getting better NOT worse.
I would like to add that a bunch of my running club friends got PR's during this race and I am truly so happy for them. The volunteers and fans and the awards ceremony were also top notch. They had the best cake. I am not much of a cake girl, but this stuff was really good. And it's all about the cake-right?!?! Not to mention lunch out with friends afterwards! I still took away good memories and experiences from this race even though the actual racing was not the best. That's OK though. I run for the fun of it! I should want to do well for myself of course, but not let it get to my head in a negative way. All in all. Saturday was a great day!

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