Sunday, March 21, 2010

Easy run....

I don't normally run on Sunday's. Last week and this week was the exception though. I put in 7 miles today. At a 9 minute mile pace. I was tired and sore and did I mention tired?
I watched New Moon last night. Yes, it' s teeny bopper movie. I will say that the books are so much better in every way. I found myself explaining so many book parts to Matt along the way. I am now reading Breaking Dawn-the last installment of this 4 book series.
Is this a running blog? Oh right.
I ran in Cascade today. Cascade has some treacherous hills that should not be considered a recovery run by any means. Ugh. We train on plenty of hills, but these are one of the worst ones around. Not THE WORST, but close. Most of the snow was melted by the time the run started, but not all of it. It was actually a beautiful morning. The poor birds were out and singing--they are very confused. It was in the 60's 3 days ago and then it snowed yesterday! So typical for here.
I ran with friends up until mile 3.5 and then I headed back. They all have an April marathon and were getting in 12. I thought about it. For about a minute and I might have joined them if it was a flatter course. Just being honest! My legs were pretty much toast from last weeks teachings, running and life in general. I need to be good to my body so it performs well!
I came across a sports nutrition 1 hour seminar being putting on this week. I am thinking about going. I hope I learn something new( cuz you know I know it all-LOL) and useful that will pertain to me. I have the hardest time knowing what to eat while training. I do a lot of stuff and it's difficult to figure out my best options that will help my performance etc. I hope to find some answers and I am not afraid to ask questions!

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