Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday stuff!

If you are planning any races this year here is a training guide to follow:
5k( 3.1 miles) -10k (6.2 miles)= 8 to 10 weeks
Half marathon (13.1 miles) = 12 to 14 weeks
Full marathon (26.2 miles) = 16 to 18 weeks
Of course the number of weeks you need can vary from person to person depending on your current fitness level, how many miles you are currently running and whether or not you are a newbie or veteran. At any rate, ease into your training, recover and enjoy the experience!

Next on my racing agenda:

25k- May 8 ( Goal- under 2 hours. last year I did it in 2:00:39)
10k- May 29 ( PR is I am not sure of a goal yet!
half marathon trail race OR 5k - June 12
10k- June 26
Duathlon- July 11 ( IF I have a bike..haha)
Duathlon- July 17 ( See above!)
That's what I have so far. I hope to remain healthy so I can do all these races and then some!
What are your plans for the upcoming race season?

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