Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Speed work--800's.

Speed work day.
It went well. I owe it to my pacing buddy Katie! Thanks girl!
Today's workout was to do (6-8) 800 repeats at repetition pace( whatever that means) my pace should have been between 3:28-3:32 area. This is how my 6 went:

Not too shabby! I know I try not to push it harder than I need to, but sometimes you just do what comes naturally I think. Today I felt nice and strong and having Katie to run with helped me immensely!
We were to take an equal recovery time in between the intervals. It seemed like a long time to recover, but I am thankful for it as it let me recover fully..I was able to push that much harder.
I was still a bit sore from lifting weights Monday night. I am still trying to figure out from what exactly. It might be the fact that I took a week off from lifting?? Who knows. I like to be sore usually.
Great day today!

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